Her relationship

Theresa’s dad died sudently when she was four years old that left a void in her life, she would not wished that to happen to her children. She wanted them to have everything her and her siblings didn’t have, the father of her children were important to her and she supported him. She was a catalist, she believed in changing the family tree.
Whom ever that gave Mat the adviced to put the restraining order on her, God will deal with the person or the persons and she felt sorry for them. They got married September 11, he took her to court for the restraining order November 11

She knew getting involve with a married man was wrong and a mistake but he was in the process of a divorced with two young children whom he adored. He would took care of them as a mom and dad, he claimed that she left him and he was heartbroken over the whole situation. Everyone in the department felt sorry for him since he loved her so much. He needed our pity and she wanted to help him. All she saw was a father that loved his children and he was in pain. He wanted the best for them, he claimed that their mother was too young to took care of them. She also knew that he wasn’t the type that can stay without a relationship, he would be lost and insecure by himself. He needed a mama for himself and his children, men and women felt sorry for him, he knew how to lied about what really happened. He was a master at lying and not telling the whole truth.

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