Welcome to your Upgraded WAYN account!

Welcome to the WAYN VIP upgrade experience Dear Syed Karim, Welcome to the WAYN VIP upgrade experience. You can now take advantage of a great selection of exclusive benefits only available to VIP members. To redeem them, go to the VIP Benefits page and click on each one to find out more. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@wayn.com who will be happy to assist you. Enjoy your new status! The WAYN Team   Meet New People Get unlimited access to Meet People widget and connect to like-minded folks on WAYN. Browse in secret View other members’ profiles without them knowing that you’ve been checking them out unless you want them to. Exclusive Profile Skins Upgrade the look and feel of your profile and stand out from the crowd, by selecting one of the many exclusive VIP profile skins. Unlimited Gifts A great range of gifts are available with no limits to all VIPs, including celebration, thank you, seasonal, romantic gifts and many more. Send your message with priority So they appear at the top of the receiver’s list and get read first. Check all of them…  


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