Monthly Archives: July 2013


I love how he looks at me, I could see that he admire and loves me.
I love how he can see that I really like him and made the move to give me his phone number.
I love how he can see that I find him very attractive.
I love how I can be myself around him.
I love being around him and I can t get enough of him.
I love his lips and the way he kissed me, I love his face, his height, his skin why not I ll say it everything about him.
I love the walk we took by the water and discuss our lives.

I love the way he hold my hand.
I love the time alone that we shared that brought us closer.
I love how we share our dreams and the plan to implement them.
I love how he shares his concerns and issues with me.
I love how we stared in each other’s eyes and know that we want each other.
I love how he kissed me with such passion.
I love how he touch my face with such passion.
I love how he hugs me with his protective arms.
I love how he gives me advice about many things.
I love how he goes out of his way to find something that I need.
I love how he gives me compliments in front of others.
I love how times heal him and he realized that what he did was wrong.
I love how he hold my face and said ” you know that I love you right”
I love the way his hands touch my back and my waist.
I love how he is so protective of me.