How bad or good were you in highschool? Did you have troubles drawing hands, in different perspectives, or bent body parts? Your art is amazin’, thanks.


I don’t think I ever saw it that way when I was in school. I always drew, that’s for sure. I knew that the hands I drew didn’t quite look like the hands my favorite artists drew,  but I didn’t expect to be as good as a professional, so it never bothered me that I wasn’t. I didn’t try to hold myself up to an outside standard, just my own. Then every once in a while I’d have these little art breakthroughs – I’d draw something that looked the way I wanted it – and that kept me going until the next breakthrough.

In junior high I used to worry a lot. Like a LOT of held-in anxiety. I gave myself an ulcer at 14, I ended up in the hospital for a week. After that I learned to chill out more, and life got easier. There are plenty of things in life that are out of your control – but your perspective is entirely up to you.


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