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Chapter 1 Of Brazen Head

She said “My mother lost my father when I was seven years old and she was five months pregnant with my youngest sister. Life was different for us since the company that had to pay my mother money from my father’s death closed the business and we didn’t have any life insurance and he was the major breadwinner. We moved with my grandmother for a while and my mother relationship with her mother were not in good term because both of them had a choleric personality. We slept outside under ovacado’s tree in the yard, sometime over my mother’s friend home and one time in the cemetary. Our life got better after my uncle came to the USA and sent for his sisters and brothers.
By the time I got married and have kids, I was afraid that I might died and left my children with only one parent. Because of her experiences my mother understood the dissapointment I felt after my divorced after thirteen years of marriage. The experience left me hurt and looking at people in different ways because of the lies that my ex husband told other people, I do not want to hold on to the bitterness that I felt. We have a great relationship because she knew that when my finances allowed me to support her that I did my best to give her a comfortable life and she got to brag about me. I know that she worried about me and want the best for me. My sister would sometime said to me that I was saying things like our mother because I would asked her if she was going to prepared foods for her spouse. When I was married I made sure that my spouse’s foods were ready for him even when were mad at each other.
My mother supported me after the divorced the best way she can and she would prayed for me all the times, she kept me company during the days, she used the money she had to helped me with the business that I was running after my ex husband ruined it.
I understood more what she went through because as single mom so many men offered to helped me but wanted something from. They were married men that wanted someone else on the side, they had no shame in lying or trying to take advantage when I was in my lowest point in my life. Unless you are spiritually strong or mature, you will fall for their lies and ended up loosing yourself.
I realized that I am as forgiven and strong as my mother because I wanted things to be done a certain way in the business that I was running with my then husband but his sisters gave me such a hard times that I ended up resenting their relationship. I started to compete for his loved and didn’t focus on my own vision. I have so much in me to do but I couldn’t let go of what I built with him that I became bitter, and eventually I asked him to give me the divorce. I am working on forgiveness and the bitterness so I can move a step further to receive the provisions that God has for me.”


A Fundamental Flaw

A Call To The Remnant

Oftentimes when things become more accessible they become less desirable. There is a fundamental flaw in humanity, you can call it the Adam and Eve flaw. We desire what we cannot have and oftentimes take for granted what we do have, until of course we do not have it. The object remains the same, what determines the attitude depends upon whether we have it or not. The ability to be thankful for what we have is a gift that must be learned practically. It can only be learned in the classroom of life. Many never learn , a fortunate few discover that there is great peace and contentment within the heart that is full of thanks.

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The World’s #1 FREE Dating Site!

Inside Tips On Finding Mr. Right On PlentyOfFish – The World’s #1 FREE Dating Site!

A PlentyOfFish Editor Reveals How To Find Real Love On This Popular Dating Site

One of the best ways to practice everything I teach in my newsletters and programs – from Circular Dating to Strong Surrender – and meet hundreds of men you’d never cross paths with otherwise is online dating.

Now, I don’t know how familiar you are with the online dating site PlentyofFish, but they are the largest dating site out there (over 3M active daily users) and they create a MILLION new relationships each year… and the best part is: they are completely FREE.

They believe you should never have to pay to meet someone special, and I completely agree.

I ran into someone from PlentyOfFish at an event recently and learned that over the past few months there’s been a huge increase in signups from men. So much so that they don’t have enough women to keep up with them all!

Since I happen to connect with hundreds of thousands of amazing women each week, I told him that I would be happy to spread the word – on one condition…

He would have to divulge some secrets about how to be successful on PlentyOfFish – where to find the highest quality men, how to stand out, effective communications tools – all of the inside info that an average woman on the site wouldn’t know, and will give you an extra leg up from the moment you join.

Even though PlentyOfFish has never done anything like this before – he agreed! So check out the tips below from our PlentyOfFish insider, (following these tips will also not cost you a thing).

Then go sign up on their site. You can be communicating with your potential Mr. Right in a matter of minutes.

Shhh…6 Tips That Really Work For Finding A Relationship On PlentyOfFish

“These tricks have helped hundreds of thousands of women find love on PlentyOfFish… and they’ll work for you too!”
–PlentyOfFish Editor

1. Stand Out With A Border

Before uploading your profile picture to POF use, a free photo editing site, to add a bright border like the one below – photos with borders get more clicks on our site. Also make sure it’s a headshot. and he can see your eyes.


2. Looking for a Relationship? Make Sure He Is Too…

Our most recent research study confirmed that men who specifically list long-term relationship or marriage on their profile are much more likely to actually leave the site in a happy relationship. When creating a profile, men are asked to describe exactly what they’re looking for. Pay attention to his answer to this question.

3. Log-In To Stay On Top

Each time you log in, your profile shoots to the top of the search results and will be previewed by the men in your area who are also online. This means more people looking at your profile, which in turn means more messages in your inbox and more dates.


4. “Flirt” With Men Without Sending Them A Message

If you find a guy you like, add him to your Favorites List. He’ll get a notification that you added him as a Favorite. This might be enough to get his attention and encourage him to send you a message. If not, send him a message the next time you’re online.

5. Use This SECRET LOOPHOLE To Find Users With Similar Interests

Want to find a guy who skis, golfs or loves Game of Thrones? If it’s important that your future partner shares similar interests to yourself, there’s a secret way to find these people. Here’s how:

  1. Visit a user’s profile who has at least one interest listed.
  2. Click on the interest to get to the search page.
  3. On the search page, insert any interest in the top right, and
  4. Voila! Endless profiles of people who love what you love.

Bonus Benefit – A built in conversation starter once you start connecting!


6. “I Want to Meet You” – The Relationship GOLDMINE

These are men that have seen your photo and clicked ‘Yes’. This is where the largest number of relationships are created on PlentyOfFish – so don’t be shy to reach out!


I know these tips will increase your results dramatically. So get started now! I invite you to learn more about my friends at PlentyOfFish (and sign up for FREE) right here.

Your Friend,

Love, Rori
Rori Raye


Good Morning 🙂
The roaring of the ocean has its own reason
It eats up of us each and every poison 
The blowing of the wind is so soothing
The rain of the cloud is so refreshing, 
The wide blue sky above and high
Gives us a space to dream and fly.
The dew drops are so cool to douse the fire 
The earth teaches us how to endure the torture
How sweet it is to quench the thirst with fresh water! 
Trees tells us how to give food, shadow and shelter
How tasty the fire makes our food stuff! 
Does life thrive if the nature is not good enough? 
 —— Nature Is Beautiful ——

#1 Factor In Building A Successful Family

#1 Factor in Building a Successful Family

By Dr. Joanne Stern

You may be surprised at how much time and attention successful wealthy families devote to family issues. Sure, you receive a lot of information on stock market analysis, strategic investment recommendations and the best ways to grow and protect your family wealth. But financial matters are only part of the equation.

That’s because the best financial advice in the world can’t overcome a weak family unit that’s unprepared to meet the challenges of preserving multigenerational wealth. That’s why we devote so much energy to showing you how to build a positive family culture, develop strong family relationships, learn better communication skills and resolve conflicts before they tear your family apart.

So what underlying element creates a cohesive, cooperative family capable of sustaining both financial and personal prosperity?

The answer is character.

Character doesn’t necessarily earn you more money or ensure your financial security. And because character is subtle, it doesn’t naturally boost your ego. But it is the foundation upon which successful families are built.

Broken Trust in the Family

I’ve been consulting with a wealthy family whose parents recently passed away. The oldest son (I’ll call him Jim) took over the family business. Everyone thought Jim was a great guy. But he allowed the winds of temptation to carry him away and become deeply involved in porn and prostitution. When his wife found out, she was devastated. He repulsed her. She threatened divorce.

His siblings told Jim that he should resign from his position in the family company. They were horrified that someone with such a deeply flawed character was representing them. They were disgusted because his morals so violently opposed their own. And they were fearful that his behavior would become known in their community and thus ruin their business.

Instead of pursuing honesty, integrity and sound moral behaviors, Jim got sidetracked. He lost sleep thinking of how to cover these new tracks by lying, hiding and covering up. He became exhausted, anxious and depressed.

Jim is clawing his way out of the hole he dug within his family. You can imagine how tenuous his relationships are. But he can’t go backwards and undo what he has done. He’s now working hard to repair that trust and rid himself of the character defects that nearly destroyed him, his family and the family business.

The Slippery Slope of Dishonesty

Not all character flaws are as dramatic as Jim’s. Sometimes lack of character can be as simple as lying when you’re afraid to tell the truth. You convince yourself that bending the truth, just this once, won’t really matter.

But bending the truth is a slippery slope that leads to dishonesty creeping into other areas of your life. It makes you untrustworthy, which damages both personal and business relationships.

Recently I worked with a family trying to divide the household items in the family home after the last parent passed away. It was a large estate home with many antiques and museum-quality valuables. One brother kept slipping into the warehouse and snatching oriental rugs, antique purses, beautifully framed photographs of ancestors and family documents dating back two hundred years.

When the sisters questioned their brother about the missing items, he simply said he didn’t know what had happened to them. They knew he had taken them, but there was nothing they could do. The trust between them vanished and will likely never be rebuilt.

The sisters were angry at the loss of these sentimental and valuable articles. But most of all, they were disappointed in their brother, a man they had loved for many years who had degenerated into a person of low character. The loss of the brother they knew far outweighed the loss of the valuables.

Are You a Moral Compass?

If you’re a parent or a grandparent, there’s an additional purpose of constantly monitoring your character — of making sure you are living an upstanding life. You are the most important role model your kids will ever have, and they imitate your behavior far more than your words.

Even when your kids become adults, they still look to you to be the moral compass in their lives. They watch how you behave and how you treat other people. They take their cues from you.

I met Natasha when she was twenty-one. Her mother is an alcoholic and has been divorced four times, with lots of boyfriends in between. Her mother has never worked because she lives very well off her family trusts. She’s immature, selfish, self-centered and considers only what works for her without regard for how it impacts Natasha.

Natasha doesn’t want to live like her mother. She doesn’t want to become an alcoholic. But she has watched her mom slug a few drinks every time discomfort or anxiety spilled into her life, and Natasha fights against the urge to do the same.

Natasha is now in a serious relationship that resembles her mother’s marriages. But it’s difficult for Natasha to change because her mother is still the most important adult in her life.

Natasha wants to have a job that pays for her lifestyle, even though she also receives monthly checks from her family trust. But she doesn’t know how to talk with her mother about career possibilities because her mom doesn’t understand. Natasha is fighting against her mother’s character and trying to build a better life for herself. But her mother’s behavior has made that an uphill battle.

Like Red Wine on a Cashmere Sweater…

My two daughters each have a two-year-old. They tease me because both toddlers repeat my phrases from time to time. One has picked up, “Oh honestly!” The other uses, “What the heck!”

It’s obvious that my grandchildren pay close attention to what I say and do. How I behave in front of them leaves much the same imprint as spilling a glass of red wine on a white cashmere sweater. Once it’s there, it’s really hard to remove. Am I helping them build good character? Or will they have to overcome the negative influence of my behaviors?

If you place great value on materialism, your children will do the same. If you put on a show and flaunt your wealth in public, your children will probably do the same. If you cheat — on your income taxes, on your spouse, on your restaurant bill — it’s like giving your children a pass to cheat as well. So don’t be surprised if they get caught cheating on their SATs, copying someone else’s term paper or denying bad behavior.

Dishonesty takes a wide variety of forms… and kids learn to mimic them all.

The Greatest Gift of All

All is not lost. Take comfort in knowing that instilling character in your children is within your control. If you live your life with honesty and integrity, they will learn to do the same. If you are generous and thoughtful of others, they will follow suit. If you have a good work ethic and put your passion and energy into producing rather than consuming, they will value that as well.

Sometimes we get so busy dealing with the urgent things at hand — in business and at home — that we don’t take time to examine the state of affairs in our families.

With that in mind, I urge you to take a deep and honest look at your behavior by following these four steps:

1. Make a list of character traits that are important to you and your family’s success.

2. Talk with your kids about character and why it’s important.

3. Analyze whether or not you are living up to the character traits you deem valuable.

4. Take specific steps to align your daily behavior with your ideals.

I recommend that you periodically call “time out” in life to assess where your family is and where you want it to be. These moments help remind you of the long-term goals that can sometimes get lost in the noise of your everyday routines. They also reinforce a sense of mission and purpose in your life.

We all want happiness and well-being for our loved ones. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to act as a shining example of high character in words and deeds. Be the person you want your children to be. It won’t always be easy… but it may be the greatest gift you can give them.

Goal Setting For Business

Take your annual goal and determine how many deals for the year that will require.  Simply divide the annual goal by a conservative estimate of your average income per deal.  Example: annual goal is $150,000.  Divided by average profit per deal of $7,500.   Total deals are 20.

5. Determine how many deals you need per month.

6. Determine how many deals you need each week.

7. Decide what 2 or 3 activities are most likely to get you that small number of deals per week.  Base this on where your past business has come from.  Actually list where your deals have come from for the past one or two years so you are completely accurate about sources.  The most common activities are: follow-up on current and past leads, Internet leads, ad and sign calls, open houses, calling or networking with your past clients and spheres of influence, personal marketing, hyperlocal marketing (farming), direct marketing, etc.

8. Take action immediately in 2014 to begin your plan.

Print the simple seven-step business plan above.  Right now, put an hour on your calendar to back through it and actually take each step.  Then do this step (B.) and put the last step (C.) into your calendar for January.  You will increase your chances of success next year by tenfold.  In fact, it will guarantee your success in 2015.

Using the 2 or 3 activities you chose in number 7 above make a list of what actions will you take on January 3rd through 7, 2015 (Monday through Friday) to put your simple plan into motion.

These actions may include making calls, reconnecting with all or last year’s leads, web site work, e-mail blasts, preparing and sending your sphere of Influence mailing, previewing homes in your farm, preparing and sending your farm mailing, communicating with your pending clients and listed sellers.

Begin to Embed the Actions as Habits

Embedding a habit turns single or random actions into consistent and dependable systems.  A habit is an action that you take at the same time, on the same day, in the same place, and in the same way every day or every week.  As you perform the action consistently day after day or week after week you become better at it.  You learn how to continually improve it.

Following is the most effective way to turn your plans into results by creating the habits for those activities that ensure consistent results all year.

Choose one type of activity for each day of the week.  And first thing in the morning before you open your e-mail (same time), on the same day of week, in the same place, schedule just a half hour to do each of the following.  (You can expand the time later.  A half hour helps establish the habit.)

Monday: Call Leads

Tuesday: Advance Your Technology

Wednesday: Traditional Sphere of Influence and Hyperlocal Marketing

Thursday: Communications with past clients

Also Thursday: Rehearse and Improve Presentations

Friday: Strategize by looking at results for the past week and plans for the following week

Important: As you begin each day review and remind yourself of your motivation and reasons for succeeding with your note business in 2015.

There are many other activities in a note investor or note broker’s business that are hard or impossible to turn into daily habits; for example, due diligence on a note, requesting BPOs, communicating with borrowers…  You will always find time for these because they demand your time.

Reaching your goals in 2015 depends on your commitment to make those “daily habits” a part of your business.  Your success or your disappointment in 2014 depend on it.

It’s that simple; not easy, but simple.  The key to a strong start to 2014 and guaranteeing your success throughout 2015 is dependent on the simple planning and habits you establish as this year ends and the New Year begins.

You control it every day with your decisions.

You have the power to make it happen for you each day.cn_image.size.waldorf-astoria-ras-al-khaimah

She did the right thing

The stories are about a woman that loved a man so much that she left her career to start a business with him only she ended up as a testimony for others.

Theresa was barred from her children, her home and her place of business until she appeared in court, she would never think of doing something like that to her family or a love one. He did things without thinking about the consequences. It was not personal, it was military mindset. Thursday night she went to dinner with her girlfriend which she hasn’t spent times with in a long time ever since he quit financial services. She got home at ten thirty at night, the police car put their headlight, and she wondering what was going on. Two police officers approached her and asked “are you Theresa and she answered yes and they said that they have a restraining order for her from her spouse Mat because she got upset and threw the computer, printer and the phone on the floor. There was no way she would want to do anything that would land her in jail, she loved the finer things in life, and he was not worth it. She was raised without a father, and she missed that kind of relationship therefore she would not wish that on her children or her worst enemies. Her upbringing was not like his, her and her sisters were shelter from a lot of experiences. She signed the paper and read it and went in the house to call her brother James which live in Texas. She could not believed that her spouse went that far, but she wasn’t surprise since she heard the stuffs that he said to his own blood son because he didn’t want to run the branch in New York anymore. That was going to disturbed his plan and changed his routine. A few minutes later the same police officers show up at the house and told her that she had to vacated the house because Mat was going to stayed at the house with their son Jaden.