The World’s #1 FREE Dating Site!

Inside Tips On Finding Mr. Right On PlentyOfFish – The World’s #1 FREE Dating Site!

A PlentyOfFish Editor Reveals How To Find Real Love On This Popular Dating Site

One of the best ways to practice everything I teach in my newsletters and programs – from Circular Dating to Strong Surrender – and meet hundreds of men you’d never cross paths with otherwise is online dating.

Now, I don’t know how familiar you are with the online dating site PlentyofFish, but they are the largest dating site out there (over 3M active daily users) and they create a MILLION new relationships each year… and the best part is: they are completely FREE.

They believe you should never have to pay to meet someone special, and I completely agree.

I ran into someone from PlentyOfFish at an event recently and learned that over the past few months there’s been a huge increase in signups from men. So much so that they don’t have enough women to keep up with them all!

Since I happen to connect with hundreds of thousands of amazing women each week, I told him that I would be happy to spread the word – on one condition…

He would have to divulge some secrets about how to be successful on PlentyOfFish – where to find the highest quality men, how to stand out, effective communications tools – all of the inside info that an average woman on the site wouldn’t know, and will give you an extra leg up from the moment you join.

Even though PlentyOfFish has never done anything like this before – he agreed! So check out the tips below from our PlentyOfFish insider, (following these tips will also not cost you a thing).

Then go sign up on their site. You can be communicating with your potential Mr. Right in a matter of minutes.

Shhh…6 Tips That Really Work For Finding A Relationship On PlentyOfFish

“These tricks have helped hundreds of thousands of women find love on PlentyOfFish… and they’ll work for you too!”
–PlentyOfFish Editor

1. Stand Out With A Border

Before uploading your profile picture to POF use, a free photo editing site, to add a bright border like the one below – photos with borders get more clicks on our site. Also make sure it’s a headshot. and he can see your eyes.


2. Looking for a Relationship? Make Sure He Is Too…

Our most recent research study confirmed that men who specifically list long-term relationship or marriage on their profile are much more likely to actually leave the site in a happy relationship. When creating a profile, men are asked to describe exactly what they’re looking for. Pay attention to his answer to this question.

3. Log-In To Stay On Top

Each time you log in, your profile shoots to the top of the search results and will be previewed by the men in your area who are also online. This means more people looking at your profile, which in turn means more messages in your inbox and more dates.


4. “Flirt” With Men Without Sending Them A Message

If you find a guy you like, add him to your Favorites List. He’ll get a notification that you added him as a Favorite. This might be enough to get his attention and encourage him to send you a message. If not, send him a message the next time you’re online.

5. Use This SECRET LOOPHOLE To Find Users With Similar Interests

Want to find a guy who skis, golfs or loves Game of Thrones? If it’s important that your future partner shares similar interests to yourself, there’s a secret way to find these people. Here’s how:

  1. Visit a user’s profile who has at least one interest listed.
  2. Click on the interest to get to the search page.
  3. On the search page, insert any interest in the top right, and
  4. Voila! Endless profiles of people who love what you love.

Bonus Benefit – A built in conversation starter once you start connecting!


6. “I Want to Meet You” – The Relationship GOLDMINE

These are men that have seen your photo and clicked ‘Yes’. This is where the largest number of relationships are created on PlentyOfFish – so don’t be shy to reach out!


I know these tips will increase your results dramatically. So get started now! I invite you to learn more about my friends at PlentyOfFish (and sign up for FREE) right here.

Your Friend,

Love, Rori
Rori Raye

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