Influence of Entertainment Media Paper

Americans spent great amount of times on media, whether it is sports, music, movies and games. They relax through entertainment medias, their television are getting bigger and better. Social influence of entertainment media is mostly positive than negative.

They love the media culture, they are obsessed with celebrities and enough exposures online anyone can become a celebrity. “Public attitudes toward stars and toward some stars’ extravagant lifestyles were divided, much as they are today: On the one hand, these celebrities were idolized and imitated in popular culture, yet at the same time, they were criticized for representing a threat, on and off-screen, to traditional morals and social order.” (Lule, J. 2012).Some used reality shows to sell their brands, for examples the Kardashians, Paris Hilton and many more.

The culture in America is diverse and at a fast speed. There is radio impact on culture, television, internet and videos games on culture. Producers exposed their artists to different people by created their presentations to attract different cultures. Artists delivered their messages about politics and events of concern via their songs. Some used sexy outfits to get more audiences to pay attention to them, for example, Lady gaga.  Almost all Americans have videos games in their homes, even though they are rated, their children copies the bad behaviors of the characters. Violence is increasing and the blame is gear toward the games with violent and sexually contents. The MPAA set up ratings because of the showing of sex, violence and the popularity of drugs in the scenes.

People complaints about headaches and nausea from wearing 3-D glasses on top of their glasses. Technology pushes the envelopes when it comes to movies and the tickets are more expensive. The special effects are spectacular; take for instance the movie Avatar. Some movies shape the culture beliefs such as Flashdance in 1986; torn t-shirts and leg warmers became fashionable. The social influence of entertainment media is mostly positive, whenever a catastrophic event happens as a hurricane; artists get together for concerts and give the profits to charities. They supported presidential nominees that increase the chance for the nominees to win.



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