Media influences on American Culture

ImageMedia influences on American culture have been very positive and it impact daily life. The evolution of mass media during the last century has been tremendous especially because of the internet. It helps in communication that keeps people to be connected. Mass media during the past one hundred years have been print publishing’s, electronic media and digital media.
Mass media took a whole different level with television programs, telephone technologies and internet. “Technological innovations such as the steam engine, electricity, wireless communication, and the Internet have all had lasting and significant effects on American culture.” (Lule, J. 2012). They integrated all of them to achieve the result they would like. For example, reality programs got people to vote for their favorite singers. Cell phones are so advanced, at first text was so implemented now people can retrieve their emails also. Politicians utilized mass media especially internet to deliver their point of views, and convinced people to vote for them. For the new generation, they need to have access to internet for jobs and daily information. They can keep in touch with others online and from healthy relationships which can be very beneficial. Emerging media are fast, cost less and are very accessible. However it is important to use credible cited when it come to education. Children and adults can learn and communicate from an iPod especially if they are unable to speak in a case of special needs kids. Most people used traditional and emerging media to balance the information they need whether is for professional or personal.

They were able to connect news network, and videos sharing sites for votes to ask questions to the Presidential candidates. In the past Americans had a few channels on their television, however, with cable providers and internet they have hundreds of channels. They bring news from all over the world and all types of entertainment. The media can be used to watch over government, business and other institutions. “Today, newspapers and news oriented television and radio programs make available stories from across the globe, allowing readers or viewers in London to access voices and videos from Baghdad, Tokyo, or Buenos Aires. Books and magazines provide a more in-depth look at a wide range of subjects.”( Lule, J. 2012).
Mass media influence American to buy particular goods; they spent so much money on advertising. Famous athletes and celebrities got paid so much money to represent products. Old technologies shared tasks and resources with new technologies. Television, radio, prints and internet merged to deliver news, information, entertainment and social relationships. It makes everyday life faster because of network consumption, people would surf the internet, watch YouTube, play games and answer emails on their cell phone. “But convergence hasn’t erased old technologies; instead, it may have just altered the way we use them.” (Lule, J. (2012). Media convergence help special needs people to communicate and stimulate their brain.
Media literacy is important for responsible media consumption today because the messages sent influence readers, viewers and listeners to buy services and products. It raised questions than it answers, and it is a great way to shape classroom dialog. It can focus on a specific group and utilized different types, for examples photographic, newspapers, articles, movie trailers, songs, print ads, radio commercial, textbooks, subliminal ads and so on.

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