Weird Dreams

In this dream I went to Dr. Botwin and Innella office to ask for a job since I worked there a long time ago. I started to cough and Dr. Botwin said to me “Let it out of you” he put a paper on the floor and I cough two big green nasty flames. He stood there with me after he went to talk to Dr. Innella. He called the secretary to bring him a specimen cup to put the green stuff that came out of me in there. The secretary said that her coffee machine was not working in a way she was saying that things have been going wrong for her. I felt better after I cough the green flame.


Dream on 8-23-12

A funeral of a woman but there’s no coffin, it’s a Caucasian woman, and her body was cut into pieces. A piece of her arm fell on the floor and I saw it but I was not scared. I was thinking of getting a box and offer it to them for the body but I said I’ll mind my business. I saw my daughter in a basement of a funeral home and I went to get her.

I saw the older children that I raised in a car but they were small. I started to look for something in the car while they were in the car. I started shaking my front tooth and it came loose, I pull it out and I saw one of the instructors and she had a jean jacket on. I went in the karate school, my kids were there but my daughter was hiding from her father and I cover for her. I saw four black men in the street and they started to dance and sing. I saw a yellow school bus following the four men like a parade. I went and asked a friend to help me get a job where she worked at; she called the place and gave them my number. I did manage to put my front tooth back in place without anyone notices the space in my mouth.


A Recent Dream

Two men came by to give me a message about my friend that was out of the country, I wanted to prepare a plate of food for them but the microwave wasn’t working and my sister didn’t want to help. She was busy with her son so I had to figure out how to make the microwave work. I did and I feed the two men, my sister asked me how it went, I told her that I figure out how to make the microwave work. She said that is good that you figure it out.


Dreamt on 8-22-2012

In this dream my ex husband is around me and our children but he’s not allow to speak to me. There’s a karate event and his older daughter was going to perform next but I had to go do somewhere and she really wanted me to be there but I told her that I can’t. I saw my daughter went in a bathroom and came out with no clothes on at first then my niece who my daughter is very close to like a sister, came also out of the bathroom without clothes so I told them they need to put clothes on now.


My Dream on 8-6-2012

I was at a mansion on top of a hill with a gate entrance and that is the only way to the home also someone has to drop an anchor to let you in. There were celebrities all over the place and one of them I went with and had a relationship with. After I got up and took a long stair up without looking back. I went to check different room and one had two men about to have intercourse and I asked the one that is my friend “do you know if that man you ‘ r with if he is safe?” he answered I don’t know. After a few minutes they couldn’t t get it on and the strange man came out of the room and I started talking to him. He said that he wants to have good times that are all and I ordered him to leave the party. He didn’t want to go so I escorted him to the exit and made sure he left. The party was wild with so many people; it looks like a Jean family party. I also saw three women that were trying to get me to go to the spa area and they said that they had a bath waiting for me but I told them I can’t now. I also saw in one room a young lady singing.


Dream 8-20-2012

In this dream, my daughter asked me for a sandwich for school and I told her we need to go to the market to get the items.  When we get there I told her to go ahead and look for the items. As I am pushing the shopping cart, I saw a man with Russian feature and he told me that he lived in Connecticut but he did not look like he had money.



In this dream I saw my friend Martine with a baby boy and then I saw Wyclef Jean carried a baby boy with him and he didn’t want anyone to see the child. The baby was in a baby carriage.

In my next dream I saw that I was dressing in a black dress and wear also black shoes and I was going to a wedding. Apparently it was Kassy that was getting married. We went in a house and part of the house was a different area and it was beautiful. There was a girl in the bathroom taking a shower.

In another dream I was at the karate school and everything was new and fixed really nice. I sat at the front desk with one of my kids and one parent came and said to me “I fixed this corner very nice.” The parent was looking also at the paper on the desk then I went to the bathroom, I noticed that the bathroom was so filthy and the toilet had poo or as you say number two on the seat and I started to clean the bathroom.


My Dream on 7-3-2012

I dreamt that I went to victor from Rhingo and I was with my children to ask him to give me $300.00 for a job I did for him. I saw he was getting shirts from a vendor and he was hanging them after he was going to steam them. I asked him for the money and he asked the vendor or distributor to give him the money and he gave it to me. I took the money and left with my kids. We were looking for route 1 & 9 and when we got there I noticed my friend’s husband was there but in my dream they were just engaged.

I had dinner with my kids and I took them to our room and I left to meet with my friend’s fiancé. While I was there the hotel manager was being nosy and wanted to know what my story is.

A mail came for my friend’s fiancé and it was receipts and he looked at them to try to understand what was going on. He noticed that they were bills that my friend charged to his accounts and credit cards and his father wanted to show him that my friend was taking him to the cleaner.


My ex

My ex made sure that he did everything he can do so I can lose the business, my house and my car. I called to people who I knew in the church and the martial arts, their answer was Miss Theresa ask me  for anything else but do not ask me to help you at the dojo. The people at the church said I will tell the pastor was it going on but the pastor had his own stuffs to deal with. My ex scared them and they feared for their lives. He knew the tricks of the street unlike me I was raised in a shelter and safe environment. I was raised to be nice to people and help people since I am the oldest of nine children. The oldest helped carry the burdens since my father died. I was also spoiled by my father and my mother and I spoiled myself also.

At first I was trying to teach the oldest son that I raised the same way but he was smart , clever and his birth mother brainwashed him about me, she always hate me. He wanted no part of that kind of thinking, lol great for him. I wished I had that kind of determination to do the same thing like he did. He left to find his own race that was wisdom. He cared about himself and that was good for him. He wasn’t going to be responsible to no one else but himself, I respected him for that.


Free Moral Agents

Theresa said “The truth is that we live among free moral agents who often choose evil, resulting in inescapable trouble for others.” Jim Cymbala author of Breakthrough Prayer

Example of such people is the mastermind and cohorts of 9/11 and others who live among us.

The young lady that I raised since she was two and a half years old, I loved her like my own because I am capable of that. I raised one of my brothers when my mother left for the state to make a better living so she can give us the best. The young lady got brainwashed just liked Mat did with me but she will understand the truth later on. Just liked I understand her mother now what she went through because of his lied. I told him that his children need their mom when they were with us. I called her and asked her for help with the older son when he was going to his bad stage but she answered that she can’t. It was the hardest time in my life. I started to hold grudges against her cause I didn’t understand how can she just left.

He didn’t care that the mother of his older children were not there for them; in his mind everyone is replaceable just like him. The spirit that took him hostage ruled him and he had no sympathy for no one. That spirit is the same that embody his new wife, they r lost souls. He knows in his dream that the evil spirit came for him but he wanted me to stop the spirit but I was too tired. I fought too much in my natural being to stay alive. I had too many against me and some said they were Christians which made it worst. They used white magic to hurt people and the one that called themselves pastors, brothers were against marriage, they were dividers. Sunday school teacher with no soul just knowledge of the bible but no good spirit. That young lady helped her father with his lied and she was still young therefore she didn’t know the outcome of her being a helper. She has not experience motherhood or marriage.



More of my Dreams


I dreamt that I had a baby boy and I introduce him to my friend Melky Jean. Before that my mother brought the baby to me and I breastfed him while I sat outside and I had so much milk that I had to put a cup on the other breast that he wasnt’ t using to get his milk. I saw that I am happy, after I fed him he fell asleep again, I went to a house to look for a sandal and there was someone taking a bath in the bathroom so I couldn’t go there. I went to another room I saw a bag and inside were the uniforms of my children from when they attended Abundant Life Academy. I looked inside for the sandal but it wasn’t there then I looked around the house and I saw a pair that match and I put it on my feet and went outside the porch. That’s went Melky Jean came in and I told her about my baby. We went for a walk and the baby was still in my hand asleep and he opened his eyes, I noticed that the baby is my son Anthony. He is so handsome and I love him so much.



Recent Dream

I dreamt that I was in a car and my mother was driving, we were on the way to church. We came to a stop sign and the traffic was going the wrong direction, I told my mother to cross over ago to the next street in the right direction but she didn’t want to. She froze so I told her to move over so I can drive in the right direction. We got there and we walk in the small street and I saw a lady inside a beauty salon and we keep walking. When we got there I went upstairs and I sat on the table with the pastor and two other people, the pastor was teaching Latin. At the end of the meeting he said something but I didn’t hear what he said so I asked the other person and the person told me that the pastor said “The world”. After I went in the back and I saw the pastor children in a room and they were talking to each other. I tried to leave so I went in the basement and it was dark but I still managed to get out.

March 22, 2012

I dreamt that I went to a small hospital that have also a nice mall downstairs and apparently my kids were there with me. I went to visit the patients in all the rooms in the hospital and one young lady had to get a procedure where the technologist put dye in her veins and followed it all the way to her heart. I ended up in a room and the Bishop that married me before came to visit the same patient. While the nurse was putting the IV for her, the Bishop started to talk to me about his family that was nice. My ex husband came in to see the lady that was in the next bed, she was very heavy and he picked up the lady in his arm and he was sad. I looked outside I saw my ex husband new wife was with three other Caucasian ladies and they were poking their heads to spied on what was going on. Anyway I didn’t pay any attention to them and I went to the elevator to meet a friend of mine that was there and we started to talk about what just happen. I explained to her how my ex lied then it was time for me to go home but the kids were not there so I figured that they left with their father so I called them and they confirmed that they left with him and he’ll drop them home to me. Then his wife called me and said ” did my husband called you” and I answered no and I proceed to tell her that she knew that her husband lied about me but she started to argued with me and I just said to her never mind. That helped me to understand that she made him lied about me.





Dream on 4-5-2012


In this dream I went to visit a family in a building and they were on the third floor, the apartment was full of family and the stairs were full of so many clothes also. It looked like people used the stairs as a dumpster. The apartment turn into a school and my kids were there so was their father and his new wife. I noticed that I brought chicken and I served everyone than a feast start with lobster, clam, fish and a big plate of paella.

After I want to take some of the expensive foods but my ex-husband wife told me no because she’ll make a plate for me. She was happy to be the lady of the party; I told her it’s ok. She looked happy and I saw that she started to dance because the music was playing. She was putting on a show for everyone. I had more chicken on the stove so I took an aluminum foil and took the rest of it without anyone knowledge. I left the party and my kids were on the deck and I kiss them goodbye.




My dream on March 29, 2012

I dreamt that I was at a place that I worked before for a meeting, all the family was there and I sat behind my old desk in the office. I saw that my sister brought me a baby boy, he’s so handsome and I had to change his diaper because he urinates. My sister handed me the diaper bag and I empty the bag on the desk, inside the diaper bag were expensive items for the baby. Then I woke up.



My dream on March 29, 2012

I dreamt that I was at a place that I worked before for a meeting, all the family was there and I sat behind my old desk in the office. I saw that my sister brought me a baby boy, he’s so handsome and I had to change his diaper because he urinates. My sister handed me the diaper bag and I empty the bag on the desk, inside the diaper bag were expensive items for the baby. Then I woke up.


My dream on March 24, 2012

In this dream, I saw my ex-husband was over my house and our children were there also, we were on good term. Then he said to me, “I need my wife to sign the paper for me to buy a house”. After a while I heard his wife outside screaming and going crazy so he went outside to her and they started to argue and fight. He asked another lady we knew to come to the house with the contract so he and his wife can sign the paper. His wife came in my house and she was still upset and she said to me, “I don’t have money to buy foods, clothes or anything else for me and my kids.” Another lady from my church came to my house with her family and I told her what was going on. Then I woke up.


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