IT Project Failures

Project manager one of the leader during IT implementation process and the project can be successful or a disaster upon the strength of the leadership. The person must follow the fundamental aspect during acquisition to eliminate failures.

A champion team is put in place to implement the new system would be part of the process. They would plan, coordinate, budget and manage all parts of the new system. Also a project leader and key individuals from clinical and administrative areas would be focus on the system. A system champion is part of the team and that person is well-respected in the organization and is also a physician who is able to help with pilot testing. That person is also able to train and coach others and build interest within user group.

After the implementation team agreed on the goals and objectives, a project plan is develop and implement. However, the project manager could not implement communication progress or status, the differences in personalities made it impossible for open communication. There were fabrication and inconsistency, in order for an implementation to be successful; they need to have formal and informal style of communication. The health system’s stakeholders were not fully supportive of the system during the proposal and evaluation time. Most of the physicians were against the CPOE system because they were concern it will require too much times. The primary care physician commented, “The hospital is trying to turn me into a 12-dollar an hour secretary, and they aren’t even paying me 12 dollars an hour.” They took too long to set up emails and also the two leading champions for CPOE resigned from the hospital. Also the acquisition process took too long. They only continue with the process of implementation because they did not want to lose the down payment.

Part of the methods would be emails, one on one meetings, articles and regular update at board meetings. The project manager did not want to upset the interim CIO which is one of the causes of the failure and to eliminate this issue; I would off take different approach, such as the time of the day for the meetings, and the place of the meetings. I would give more articles and presentations to the stakeholders to bring them to like the system. Another way would be to continue to communicate with the leadership team and give rewards for a job well done.

IT project implementation failures occur because of several mistakes which could have been avoid if the project manager insert the right leadership, and not worry about how others react.

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