Letter From Catfish

Dearest One

My Angel how are you today, i am happy to see your message infarct i must say that i am more than happy to talk with you i just want to tell you that love is something that grows between two people that agree to be together, when i saw you i like you and since then you cant get off in my mind i am in love with you, i know that you are thinking how this will be possible but i want to tell you that the possibility depends on us i give you my love if you can love me the way i do to you i promise you that nature will perfect it all in our life. I want you to know that the affection i have for you is not by accident or just for you to say yes to me but is from my heart to love you , is now burning in me like a fire and i know that nothing will ever stop it i want to make you the one and only in my life if love is being sold you know i cant buy it but since is a free gift of Nature to love whom your heart desires i must say i really love you. Angel i have come to love you please do give me the chance to tell you that i really love you, i don’t know how else to tell you this in such a way that will make you know that i am in love with you in all just know that i need you in my life to make my life complete. I love you my angel.


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