Foothills of experience


Foothills of experience

by Javis “Jay” Brunson @JavisJay


Today you stand at the top of mountains of life experience.

Your journey throughout the years has carved its own rocky pathways. Everyday you’ve gained valuable experience and have climbed to an even higher perspective than the day before.

Along your pathway, you have discovered moments of peace and beauty in the green valleys and still forests.  At other times, you have been challenged by the fierce storms and rocky ground as you made your way forward through life.

Today is the moment that all the other moments have been leading up to. Now you stand at the summit on your mountain of experience, and the view is more expansive than it has ever been.

Never has your life’s experience been as extensive or as valuable as it is right now.  So what will you do with it today?

Now that you’ve climbed to the highest peak of life experience, choose to live a full and positive life, worthy of all you’ve already been through.

Now that you’ve climbed so high, this is your moment to go even higher.  What are you waiting for, keep climbing.

Have a GREAT day and continue doing what you LOVE to do!

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