4 Keys to a Profitable Partnership by Craig Ballantyne, editor

Back in the day, when I first got started in Info Marketing, doing a
Joint Venture (JV) meant something quite different than it does now.
Today, everyone just thinks it means Affiliate Marketing. But that’s
not what it is.
A JV is where you partner with someone on a product or business.
For example, Bedros Keuilian and I are partners in a JV that we call the
$100K Mastermind which offshoots the 1-Day Mastermind and the
Online Info Ignition Facebook Coaching program).
There are four Keys to a JV:
1. Other people’s poorly used customers
2. Great reward for doing it (money, fame, etc.)
3. Bring something unique to the person with whom you are doing
4. Deal-maker skill
Here’s how that works in the JV between Bedros and myself.
Other people’s poorly used customers
Bedros has a big list of over 50,000 personal trainers. I have two lists:
one at Internet Independence, of 10,000 people, and another at ETR,
of over 100,000 people. But neither of these audiences received the
high-end, hands-on coaching they needed to build an online business.
We fixed that by creating the Mastermind and marketing it to our lists.

Remember, a JV is about win-Win-WIN relationships. It’s not about “sucking out their
customers” or profiting at the expense of their demise. It’s about building them up while building
you up at the same time. Go with a giving hand. Show them how you can improve their profits,
get more from their current assets, reduce their expenses, and making their lives better overall.
That’s what a JV partnership is about. So here’s what to do…
Find a Business with a Customer List that is Being Poorly Used
It’s hard to believe in this day and age that a business with a website and customer email list is
not emailing that list at least twice a week. But you’d be surprised. Some companies only contact
their list once a month with a corporate-style email newsletter. Others don’t even do that, and
just blast out a sales pitch email three to four times per year, without making the effort to build a
relationship with their readers.
Bedros and I see huge email marketing mistakes by big and small companies alike. All you
need to do is get on the email lists of the most popular businesses in your niche market and find
one where you can improve their email marketing results. Then take the knowledge you’ve built
through what we’ve taught you, and approach them with a well-laid-out plan for a JV.
There are other opportunities. You might find that a business does a good job with email
marketing but is leaving money on the table by not having higher-priced, higher-profit products.
For example, they might only sell $97 home-study courses. But what if you offered to take that
$97 home-study course and turn it into a $497 four-month online coaching course that includes
webinars and a private Facebook coaching group where the customers can ask questions and get
more hand-holding advice? You could do all the work, they email their list to sell it, and you split
the profits (the split depends on the value you prove to the business… that’s the art of deal making!).
The opportunities are endless. You might partner on a product, take over their email marketing,
or start a high-end Mastermind. The exact opportunity will be up to your imagination and
individual situation, but trust me there is plenty of low-hanging fruit out there for the picking.


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