Business Leaders

Two Kinds of Business Leaders: Which one are you?

By Mark Ford

The business press is full of content about great leaders who excel at building unified teams. Every day, I seem to read a new article touting a CEO for fostering team spirit and loyalty.

But no one talks about another valuable leadership skill: the ability to develop breakout superstars.

Leaders who possess this skill are rare. They have the unique ability to suppress their egos and identify the employees who will take the business to new heights. Determined to raise the bar of their companies, they provide these individuals with mentorship and opportunities.

Poor leaders feel threatened by “star power” and trample the talent beneath them to preserve the status quo. They see individualism as a sign of rebellion and chaos.

To be a great leader, you need to understand how to promote individual talents. Don’t just focus on the team, or you may find yourself leading an army of mediocre yes-men.

Instead, focus on how you can nurture your stars and their unique skills.

Click here to read Mark’s essay Become a More Powerful Leader.

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