Measure Your Life

How Will You Measure Your Life

By Craig Ballantyne

Clayton Christianson’s book, How Will You Measure Your Life, barely needs reading beyond the title to make an impact. It’s a question I ask myself all the time and one that I’ve taught my coaching clients to use as well. Recently one of my top students emailed me her thoughts on how she uses this mindset to focus on what matters.

“Craig, at one point you referenced a question… something along the lines of ‘in from 5 years — or 5 months — from now, will this problem matter? Will it affect you or anyone else?’ It’s one of my grounding questions. Other ways that help me through tough times and to stay focused are:

1. Gratitude — I’m grateful for the situation no matter how bad because there will always be a lesson for me as long as I stay open to it
2. Be the Light. Give. You can’t out give the Universe.
3. This too shall pass… that’s my mantra these days.”

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