People With High IQ

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What do intelligent people do with their phones?

Nela Canovic

Nela Canovic, Productivity hacker, writer, entrepreneur in Silicon Valley

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  • They switch their phone setting to Airplane mode when they want uninterrupted time to (a) sleep, (b) do deep work, (c) spend time with their family and partner.
  • They use it to set not only a morning but also a bedtime alarm, to get themselves used to a daily ritual that easily becomes a positive habit, which can significantly impact their day (to be more productive) and night (to sleep more effectively).
  • They keep track of their daily physical activities with either a built in app (such as the iPhone Health app) or a downloadable free app (such as Runtastic) that monitors their steps, total time spent being physically active, calories burned, distance covered.
  • They use an app to train themselves to meditate on their own for 10 minutes, to calm their mind, clean their brain from cluttered thoughts, improve focus and concentration (for example, the Headspace app).
  • They don’t take selfies (because let’s face it, no one really cares except you).

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