Poem By Mona Lake Jones


Happy Day

By Mona Lake JonesHUHH2016-Outside_Eagle-CO_1.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960


Squeeze the day

and wring it out good

Get every drop of living

you think you should


Twist each minute

making sure not to lose

There must not be a single drop of joy

that you neglect to use


Warm by the sun rays

shining from above

Suck in all the sweet aromas

and wrap yourself in love


Dance, sing,

write a line or two

Relish in the comfort of the old

and be surprised by something new

Put your smile on first thing in the morning

and wear it all day long

Look only for the best

and find no fault or wrong


Embrace the day, hug it hard

and barely let it slip away

Then rest so you will be ready

for another happy day!

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