Five Soft Skills

I think the number one soft skill that is the most critical to my professional success is I work well with others. As an ABA paraprofessional, I interact with so many different professionals and students all day long. The second soft skill is problem-solving and critical thinking, They are a different system that we implement and we have to stay consistent with them in order for the program to work. Be comfortable to ask questions and learn from professionals who have more experiences than you do. The third soft skill is collaborative teamwork, we learn from each other and we help with all the students because it keeps the environment safe. The fourth soft skill is effective communication, I am able to ask questions pertaining to the student’s data and so on. Most days we have other professionals who need our input about the students in order to serve them better.
I also communicate with the students and stay positive around them because they understand everything you say. The fifth soft skill in order of priority is leadership, I am responsible for the welfare of my student and I need to be confident about the role that I play in the student’s life and the team that I work with.
As an ABA therapist working toward a degree as a behavior therapist effective communication, problem-solving with critical thinking and leadership are important to my career. These soft skills will help me to achieve great results which will increase my income.
I am the oldest of seven children and my siblings resided in the different state in the United States. I get along with most of my families and they reached out to me when they need help with problems because they know I will give them advice that will benefit them and others. I tried to remain calm during most chaos. Also, my children work as karate instructors and they are around many people therefore when I visited them at the karate schools, I am able to communicate effectively with the people in that environment.
My life will get better as I prioritize and understand soft skills.

1 thought on “Five Soft Skills

  1. Dear Angie Diaz-Cervo, I’m totally so proud of you. Just going through your article I can learned what almost the whole adult and professional world,or profession is all about. Also especially while learning how to treat people and work with people, is fascinating. And im learning this at 57 yrs.old. praise you Angie, for being so accomplished.And I’ve never seen business skills like yours. Your straight to the point. Thank you Angie, for putting me in the position to hear of you. And learn of you. Angie, I would really like to meet you .

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