My Mindset

My relationship with money, when I go to the mall I took the entrance at Lord & Taylor or Neiman Marcus, it helps me to be exposed to more wealth. I looked at the price tag of the Louis Vuitton’s bags, the custom-made jewelry, the expensive perfumes, the expensive shoes, and clothes. I also passed by the Arts gallery where the painting goes for thousands of dollars.
When I go visit my mother and we talked about business and most of the times, she complained and her favorite line is “ There is no money”. In the meantime, she is always buying fabrics and some of these fabrics are very expensive. My mother is only seventy-four years old and I took her to an area in New Jersey that is very rich and the mansions cost five to ten million dollars, still, her mindset is blocked to the overflow of wealth in this world. I want to own a million dollar home before she transitions to the next world so she can expose to the abundance in this world.
My son wants to give me my dream mansion and a yellow Hummer. I feel so grateful and proud of him because he is a kind young man, however, I want to get my own money. When I started to work as a Radiology Technologist, my mom convinced me to buy a home for the family since I am the oldest of seven children. It was also a good idea because it saves me money on my tax return since I was single. When I got married to my ex-husband I put the house for rent and I moved into the house in Belleville with him. The renters did not pay the rent for three months and they left dog feces on the carpet, it was a mom who rent the house for her daughter. I did not know any better so I filed bankruptcy and lost the house. At that time my mom resided in the house in Orlando, Fl and I did not want to burden my siblings.
It is so interesting that I filed bankruptcy after I met the father of my children and I filed bankruptcy again after he divorced me.

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