Numeric Score For my Learning Pattern.

The numeric score for my learning pattern is as follow, my sequence numeric score is 30, my precise is 26, my technical is 24 and my confluent is 25. I am a stronger willed learner.
I love to sign for new social media sites and learn everything about each one, I helped my children with marketing, therefore, I get to use my knowledge in a positive way. It is important for me to really understand an assignment before I start it. At work, I have a set of task that I do before I start the lesson. My work area needs to be clean and clear. I like to encourage others especially my children, siblings, and my extended family. I am not afraid to be creative with my work and life. I get along with my coworkers however if any of them does anything that does not benefit our students, I would get very uncomfortable.
I rest and took my times to read the chapter and listened to the chapter because that was a different way for me to learn. It was out of my comfort zone so I utilize out of the box.
My awareness of my learning patterns will help me to understand myself and be more patient with others. My mother can be very critical now I see that she can not help herself, maybe her mother was not flexible. I observed that some of my coworkers displayed some of the behavior as my mother.
I can use this knowledge to be more intentional by remembering that each person is different and they are wired to be the way they are. At one of my job, a new assistant tried to change the plan of the classroom and she looked like she was so uptight, I tried to interact with her so I make the classroom light. I am not afraid to speak to anyone whether the person is in the high position or a simple person.

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