Paying The Price

Someone has to pay the price in order for him to succeed in the business. Do not fool yourself to think that he did it by himself or he made her. In order for a person to succeed, he or she needs a partner to supply the funds and it can be a person who works full times and has health insurance and allow the other person to grow the business. I can take five years to grow a business to succeed and replace the income of the working partner. And after the business success, you need investors to keep growing the business unless the founder and the cofounder live on one income. The investors can be family members, friends or outside people who have money that they will not miss in case the business fail. Some investors are quiet and some can be so involved that they can change the whole mission of the business because they might only care about money and not people. Some of these investors put their money in a well know the business so they can replace their income when they are unable to work because of an illness. They can be very sneaky because it is their money and they might feel they have the power to wreak havoc on others lives.
I worked full time as a radiology technologist with a great health insurance that covers my husband and his children from his first marriage.
We lived on one income in order for him to build the karate business. he had the full day, the afternoon and night to learn the business and grow the business. I had to be the supportive wife, physically, emotionally and financially. I worked from eight to four pm and I went to the karate school with the children after school. We stayed at the karate school until we closed, the children did their homework there. When I got pregnant with my second child, he did not want us to get help from the state even though things were hard for us. I remembered that at one time I had no car because my ex-husband and his cousin total my Mercedez Benz. I remembered the first time that our account receivables reach $2,000.00 per month, we can breathe because part of the money can help us since that was what his income was.

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