The Five Domain of My Personality

The five domain of my personality are the traits which make me different from another person. They are categorized as extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness, and agreeableness. The personality test can tell the person his or her traits and some areas can high and other can be low.
I score average on extraversion because I enjoy being alone and I also like to spend times with people. My score is high on that trait because I feed on the energy of people and I like to be in a large crowd of people.

In the conscientiousness trait, most of my score is average, I am able to understand what can happen if I act on impulse.

My neuroticism facets are average of the typical general population.

My openness to experience is low since I like to think in plain and simple ways. People describe me as down-to-earth, practical and conservative.

As an extraversion as soon as I met a person I look for something that the person is wearing or a physical trait so I can give the person a compliment.

Agreeableness example is I am able to feel the pain of others if a person is sad, I can feel the personal emotion.

Conscientiousness facets, I put my papers in order before I start to work with a student and the work area need to be neat.

Neuroticism facets for me are if a person wants to argue with me, I will let the person vent but if the person continues to be disrespectful, I will the person know that I am not happy or comfortable with his or her behavior.

Openness to experience facets, I like to interact with people however I do not like to debate about a subject with others.

Some people are very stubborn and they only see things their way. they are not open to see another view of a situation. However, some people can be influenced by others so easy to change their minds.

In my culture as the oldest of seven children, my mother counted on me to help with my siblings. I was not allowed to express my feelings about what I needed. My mother expected me to be respectful, nice and kind.


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