Tony Diaz-Cervo

Tony Diaz-Cervo is a famous third-degree black belt in karate who I believe epitomize successful intelligence. He excelled in almost everything he does because he applies himself. He gives his best by learning from other professionals. He has a great character and his physical attribute fit for sports. He is tall, muscular and he eats healthy and exercises daily.

He can understand the meaning of artificial words in a paragraph, he does the presentation and enrollment of new students as well as renewals of former students at his place of business. He can say what number should come next in a series of numbers, he can go over contracts and explain the fees and the dates which are important to the customers and the owners. Tony can put pictures in a puzzle and he can solve everyday problems with the right mindset.

Throughout the full pregnancy with Tony, his mother ran a karate school with Tony’s father full times. She was at the school every day from three pm to ten thirty at night. After she gave birth to Tony, she took him and his siblings there every day. His father set the baby’s swing so Tony could be comfortable when he was not in his mother’s arms. He watched karate classes every day. As soon as Tony could walk, he started to take karate lessons from his father and his siblings. He learned how to hold the bo staff the proper way for him to learn the bo kata. Since he was exposed to the sport at such an early age, he excelled tremendously and he was picked to train for the Olympic.

Tony has kinesthetic intelligence and karate is his passion which makes him famous. His mindset, his physical attribute and his early exposure to the sport prepare him to be famous. His kinetic intelligence was activated and triggered because of the times he spent watching, internalized, observing his father and other martial artists at the karate school. His early childhood at the karate school manifest before he put a karate gi on. Tony has also spatial intelligence because he is able to have mental pictures of the katas. he can visualize the movements of the katas and memorize them. He can perform katas without the help of them in writing once he has a mental picture.

Tony would do well on a standard intelligence test because he came from an affluent environment, he went to the best school and he also excels in sports.
Beside IQ or the general factor, other alternative means of measuring intelligence are Crystallized-ability tests, fluids-ability tests. These tests measure an expertise learned through interactions with the environment. Other testes ate form-board classification test, linear syllogisms test, and a Twenty Questions test. There is also the so-called Stenberg Triarchic Abilities test (STAT-Sternberg, 1993)

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