Stress if not under control by some types of internal or external mechanism can kill a person. First of all, it can damage part of the brain. The modern world now a day can stress a person more than the ancient days. As humans, we must locate the turn off button for stress. The proper stress like a roller coaster ride is good for the body, however, the wrong stress can cause an ulcer, headaches, body aches and so on. Study report compassion is one of the ways to cure stress if a person learns to care for the others, the personal stress level will decrease.
People have to cope with stress to be able to continue to live a life full of happiness. Some people used drugs, alcohol, foods to help manage their stress. Some people use exercises, such as yoga, karate, kickboxing, weight lifting, speed walking or physical fitness to distress. Each person can deal with issues based on the person personalities traits.
When a person cares too much about what other people think about him or her that can influence one’s ability to cope with stress. Social support is important to cope with stress, you need others to help you.
I score 55 which is very low on the Holmes-Rahe stress Inventory since I went through a major health challenge in the past, my life is very simple which help me to induce stress.
I lived now with my mother and my sister, they both have strong personalities and I am very laid back. Since my mother is retired and she has lots of times in her hand, therefore, her mind comes up with different issues. Sometimes I feel a heaviness on my shoulders and my heart feels likes it beat faster. I do kickboxing once a week, I also go for long walks around my town to help manage the stress. I attend church once a week to leave my issues in God’s hands.
In the Caribbean cultures, they pray to help deal with stress, religion play a big part in how mentally strong they can be. Irish American minimize their pain, Jewish and Italian openly express their pain. However since Black Americans are stereotyped as angry black women, most of us have to use numbness as a mechanism to deal with stress.

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