Perception – How all information is interpreted via the process of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and kinesthetic. The process takes place very fast and most of the times people do not notice the interpretation. The brain perceives sound, touch, and the eyes to understand what is going on.
The brain manages the sensation it receives and delivers the responses. It receives the messages via touch, sound, visual and the skin. Major structures in the brain such as neurons, thalamus, visual cortex, olfactory system, nervous system help the process.

The brain uses our vision to see different things and people, our ears to hear sound loud or soft, our tongue to taste, our skin to feel textures.

A person perception can be wrong because of a trauma, the person sees things in negative ways. After especially a trauma a person perception can change, it could be the way the person deal with sound or the person may not be able to see.

The people from East Asia are interdependent, they engaged in several complex role relations and their environment are more complex and have more objects. They do not have too much social friction.
The westerners are independent and they would check an object and find out what it is for then categorize it.
“When we showed participants videos of fish, we found that Japanese were more likely to see emotions in the fish than were Americans (16).” (Nisbett. (2003)

In my culture, manners are very important and it shows the respect you have for others. However, Americans do not like manners so much, for example, I entered a classroom and the young lady did not care to say hello or good afternoon.


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