The Concept Of Learning

I would explain the concept of learning to someone who has not taken this class as intentional, the person needs to focus to learn. Also, a schedule set in place is very important, it can be a little flexible however discipline is required to do what needs to be done. The person needs to have a reliable place to do the assignment without too many distractions. Even if an emergency occurs, push through to do the assignments on time. It is also important to read all the instructions, follow directions and get help if you need it. The person can also utilize critical thinking to improve his or her learning.

I learned from this class the way we used to learn is not the same anymore. We had to do a lot of memorization and I did not understand my learning pattern. After I studied my LCI scores, I have confidence I can accomplish anything because I am a strong-willed learner. I can be a leader because I am already wired for it. I also learned critical thinking is important in order to succeed as a learner.

My learning patterns are Sequence (30) Use First, Precision (26) Use First, Technical (24) Use as Needed and Confluent (25) Use as Needed. I am a strong-willed learner which I did not know before.
I intensified my precision Use First to gather all the important information I need to answer the questions. I did not take too many risks or guessing what needed to be done therefore I tethered my confluence learning pattern. I also welcome the change of following the instruction on open book to take the quizzes. I looked at the examples from the book and my classmates which meant I intensified my sequence. I used deep reading and reread the chapters that were assigned to the discussions and journals. I gathered all the information and applied them so I can get great grades. I took consideration of what would happen if I did not strategize for me to succeed in this class. I used the cue words which correspond to my sequence learning pattern. I set times aside to think, read, study and write for my assignments. I focus on one problem or issues per day. I also took inventory of the people in my life and I do not let some of them distracted me from finalized my assignments. I can pass the classes and get my degree.

The challenges that I may face in the online classroom due to my unique combination of learning patterns are my use first sequence, I need a good explanation to complete the assignments. I also need to intensify my precision so I can read and reread the text which is assigned for each week. At times if I get stuck or overwhelmed, I can talk to my advisor or the professor and try not to so strong that I think I do not need help. I must tether the need to have so many lead role. I learned multitasking is not good because as an intentional learner I need to focus on only one thing.
I will self-regulate my learning patterns to overcome these challenges by paying attention to what I am thinking. I can dismiss the non-productive thinking and implement the metacognitive. I can also decode my assignments and apply FIT in my learning patterns. I can fill out my personal strategy card for my classes so I can strategize base on my LCI scores.

As I am applying for my dream job, the interviewer says,” I see you’ve taken EXP 105.” I would explain that I am a strong-willed learner. I would also explain that I can follow directions. I am also a leader who can also think outside of the box. I am open to learning any new skills to help the company because I like changes. As a future employee, I would be the first to learn new skills or program for the enrichment of the company.

I enjoyed what I learned about myself and because they were a positive assessment of my learning patterns, I understood that I can earn my degree. I learned I am smart enough to internalize the assignment.
I trust my advisor, therefore, I knew that I can succeed in the class. I expected to learn new methods which can help me with my career. My expectations were met, the online learning platform was clear. My instructor was very professional and helpful, I liked how he shared his personal life with the class. My peers came from all different careers and especially the ones from the military, I learned from them and they gave me the support to keep believing that I can succeed. Also if I want a good return on my investment, I need to take the right classes and try not to waste my times.

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