The Way People Around The World Love and Care for their Children

People around the world love and care for their children, mothers pregnancies are the same. However, the environments shaped the social development of the children. All the children were curious about their environment they were born and raised in and they learned from their parents. Most of the children were breastfed which an interdependence perceptive, they bonded with their mothers. Also, older siblings took care of the baby except in one case the older brother hit his sibling constantly and the parents were not around to stop the behavior. The grandparents also help with the babies’ development in some culture. The children liked to play with the family’s pet and they were not afraid of their surrounding which helps them to independent. The baby who was alone for a long time cried and got upset several times. Another baby played with a toilet paper and after the baby ate the paper and there was no adult’s supervision.

Each culture performed the baby’s hygiene differently and some were not too easy to witness. For examples: One culture used breast milk to clean the baby and it might help with great skin. The parent from the USA used water and they interact with the baby at that time also. One mother cleaned the baby with her mouth and spit the germs out, the same culture wiped the baby’s bottom on her leg then took a corncob to clean her leg. Another pour liquid from her mouth to the baby’s bottom to clean it.

Some of the cultures displayed interdependence because they spent times together and they learned from each other. The culture who was nonchalant toward the baby instilled independence in the baby’s lifestyle, the baby was not afraid and the baby learned from nature.

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