Self Regulation of Personal Behaviors

The five-step plan that will allow me to advance my skills and knowledge related to writing a novel. The first step is to intentionally find a place to sit and write. I will intensify my precision learning pattern by being specific to which place I will use. The second step is to write every day since I am a strong-willed learner, I can tether the need to not be so over-confident. I need to write even if I think I might have enough time to finish the novel. My focus is also to ask for help if or when I am not sure about what I am writing about. I can accept feedback, comments, and suggestions because I can learn from them. I also need to use references to support my information.

The third step plan is to read every day. I do like to read however sometimes I read things that are not related to my assignments. I also get distracted easily because I think I can do it all which is part of my confluent learning pattern. I also need to reread my work and double check what I wrote.

The fourth step is to edit my writing. For this step, I need to intensify my sequence and precision. I will use Grammarly and any other writer’s help to present a work which others want to read and buy. I will plan how many hours do I need to spend each day to achieve this goal.

The fifth step is to join a writing group. For this to succeed I need to tether my technical reasoning, I cannot work alone if I want to produce a great novel as an author. This group will hold me accountable about what I need to do as a writer.


My learning Pattern scores

Sequence (30) Use First

Precision (26) Use First

Technical Reasoning (24) Use as needed

Confluence (25) Use First


I will self-regulate my learning patterns by focusing on what plan I need to put together and deviate from it to accomplish this goal. My learning pattern will help me to utilize what I need to forge, intensify and tether from the way I am wired. My non- productivity thinking will be avoiding because of my self-regulating behaviors. The personal strategy card will also help me to put together the plan to write the novel which will be base on my LCI scores.




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