LCI Test

Sequence is natural for me and I like it because this pattern keeps my life in order. I feel so comfortable when I have an example of what is needing to do. I like to observe how an experienced professional in my field does any skills or tasks and I can duplicate the person. I need deadlines so I can focus on what I need to do. I like to be ahead of schedule at times because it makes me feel better. I do not need a touch explanation after I understand what I need to do.

Precision is important for me because I need the right information so I can navigate through my day. Once I find something that I like, I tried to find everything that I need to know about it, I would love to know how to communicate clearly to certain people. When I am passionate about something and I need others to see my point, I would keep talking until I feel I make my point. I am not afraid to show that I am following the procedures of the classroom and I read the protocol.

Technical Reasoning is a part of the LCI that I use when I need to calm my energy. I like to work alone because I have a strategy for what I do especially after I mastered it. I can fix almost anything that brakes, however, if I feel that I am under being use in an unhealthy way, I will ask someone else to help. I like to take action instead of waiting for others when I am comfortable with the person or people around me. If I feel overload I will not talk because I need to be calm.

Confluence is normal for me because I can feel myself getting mad when someone else does not think my idea is not good enough. I like to take risks because that how I can be more of myself instead of being control by others. At my job, I use different ways to help my students to learn the lesson or a skill. I use my own creative way of teaching to influence my students to learn. I do follow the instructions; however, I would go out of my way to help my students. I change my bedroom all the time and make it more comfortable and presentable. The lead teacher at work calls me a guru because I am well rounded in different subjects. I changed my career so many times because I am a risk taker.

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