Affirmative Action

Affirmative action help women and minorities to have a chance in society. It is an opportunity for them to have a better lifestyle and be able to compete with whites and the men in America. Although more people need to be educated about the rights of minorities and women, affirmative action is a step forward toward that conversation. Yes, some whites look at minorities as another species, therefore, America needs to keep educate society in other to close the gap.

In my informed opinion, I think affirmative action is a good way for certain groups to be exposed to the same opportunities as the other groups. They can get rid of barriers or boxes that try to keep them in some class. We are all the same and it is important to have the same doors open for everyone. In my opinion, if you remove our skins underneath is the same plus our blood is the same colors.

A white man earns, on average for full-time work, almost 56% more than a Black woman, and over 83% more than a Hispanic woman. (31) Retrieved from


A solution to overcoming the barriers women face in education and employment would be a website or app for women to communicate with a company which can help them with disadvantages they face at work. They can also post any other issues they face at their place of employment. They can receive support without being afraid of what the precaution they may face.


Yes Title IX open the door to women all over the country to participate in basketball and soccer. It started that no one can be excluded from any program or activity which get money from federal finance. Actually more women than men in college belong to sports which are offered there, although not too many women are engineers and technicians. In the beginning, the men had commercial uniforms, new sneakers, and chartered buses but the women traveled by van and they wore uniforms that were made by their moms.

Now coaches get pay and the program are not divided because the athletic directors are also women and they gave more benefits to women. Title IX help women to get more jobs and they also get access to math and science. Women can get promotion with opportunities to make more money. They still have more to do because the amount of minority females in swimming and tennis is low because they need to have money to be involved in those sports.

My daughter is biracial and she is a martial art instructor in an area of New Jersey which is dominated by whites. Her father is her teacher and title IX gives her the opportunity to earn a great living doing a sport which she is passionate about.

Women are allowed to fight side by side with men in the military since they have the same rights before women were only allowed to be nurses and be there to do the laundry, the cooking, and alterations for the men.

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