Gun Control

Gun control is a major subject in the United States because of the number of people especially young adults who lost their lives from mass shootings in schools. In some states, it is very easy for a person to buy a gun or better yet an automatic and semi-automatic weapon.

Since people can purchase guns without an internal checkup or a law which require a mental profile of the person, people lost their lives too soon as a result. The government does not see the problem with owning a gun because they might lose the support of some of the wealthy people who manufacture or invest in guns.

The U.S Supreme Court announced that the states can protect or give less freedom to people to have guns if the police say it is alright. It is based on the constitutional Amendments which deal with the issue of gun control in the United States.

The public opinion about gun control based on the mass shooting of teachers and students in Sandy Hook Elementary school. Wozniak finds that a small number of Americans want semiautomatic weapon ban and want to make gun control laws harder. They also would like the Federal background check law. He also noticed the people who do not want gun control is because of political beliefs and their affiliations.

Although crime rates in the United States overall tend to have fallen over the past 20 years, these issues represent serious social problems when they occur with any frequency. Gun violence, for instance, claims the lives of more than 30,000 people in the United States annually. Furst and Korgen, (2012). Here are some examples: The mass shootings at Columbine High school in Littleton, Colorado. The shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. The attempted shooting of the U.S Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Some states took steps to put more restrictions on magazines capacity of a semi-automatic firearm. Vizzard, (2015). The U.S Supreme court announced that the states can protect or give less freedom to people to have guns if the police say it is alright. It is based on the constitutional Amendments which deal with the issue of gun control in the U.S.A. Fishchman Harris, (2012).

These crimes happened even though the law ask people for background checks if they want to buy handguns, shotguns, and rifles. If you are illegal residents, illegal drug users, mentally sick, fugitives if you are convicted of domestic violence misdemeanor or under personal protection orders which deal with domestic violence. Also if you decide not to be a U.S, citizen and dishonorable military discharge.

On June 7, 2018, The New Jersey Senate passed a package of gun bills which was adopted before by the Assembly. These bills were passed even though so many New Jersey gun owners did not want them. This legislation does not protect the people in New Jersey but it does punish people who own guns there. The guns bills lessen the magazine capacity from 15 to 10 rounds. A small provision has been added that gun owner can keep their magazines if they are blocked permanently and the gun is registered. Also health professionals like marriage counselors, social workers and nurses can suspense the right of a person if there is a cause for concern. If the person wants a long gun, the person needs FID card and in order to get the card the person needs to get fingerprint, background check and references. Another Gun control bills are to have a protection that guns can be taking from their owners for any small reasons.

The negative consequences of the gun control issues can be a plus for the criminals because they can purchase guns on the black market. Regular citizens would not be able to buy guns to protect their families and their belongings. The proper authorities would need to do their best to uncover any illegal purchases of guns. One other way is to set up black markets themselves to trap the people who are involved in these problems.

The alternative solution to the gun control problem would be for each state in the United States and countries around the world to set petition to force the federal government and others in power to stop or forbid people from purchasing especially automatic and semi-automatic guns. The government needs to set a law to only allow military men and women to operate guns with magazines which hold several bullets.



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