Another of my dreams

I was at a mansion on top of a hill with a gate entrance, and that is the only way to the home also someone has to drop an anchor to let you in. There were celebrities all over the place and one of them I went with and had a relationship with. After I got up and took a long stair up without looking back. I went to check the different room, and one had two men about to have intercourse, and I asked the one that is my friend “do you know if that man you ‘ r with if he is safe?” he answered I don’t know. After a few minutes, they couldn’t t get it on, and the strange man came out of the room, and I started talking to him. He said that he wants to have fun that is all, and I ordered him to leave the party. He didn’t want to go so I escorted him to the exit and made sure he left. The party was wild with so many people; it looks like a Jean family party. I also saw three women that were trying to get me to go to the spa area, and they said that they had a bath waiting for me, but I told them I can’t now. I also saw in one room a young lady singing.


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