Homelessness is categorized as a social problem because so many people live paycheck to paycheck and they do not have enough or any money save in case of an emergency. In order to be valuable to society, you need to have shelter, mode of transportation, decent clothes and so on. These items hold special value in society. It is a public issue which deals with people not properly diagnosed by doctors or the people might not be able to afford health insurance. For example, if people who come out of the military service have shelter, employment, health insurance they would not be a burden to their family and society.

So many people who came out of the service have mental issues which lead them in the street as homeless. It is important for people to have a roof over their heads and have an avenue to contribute to society.
Homelessness is public issues, many people who went through a divorce where a spouse refuses to support the family and others think that the spouse has the same lifestyle. The family cannot survive on one income especially if the spouse does not have a bachelor degree, he or she will only make minimum wage.

When you so many people living in the street in your state, it portraits the lack of finances and employment in the state. The crime rate might be high because when you don’t have money to rent or lease a place to live, you most likely get involved in crime. Society can learn to understand the reason people are homeless. People sign petitions to make a change in the government. They are so many abandon building which can be converted into an apartment for the homeless. Society can fix the social problems, lessen social inequality. People can have empathy for the homeless which can help to change or diminish the number of homeless in society.

Each state has so many buildings, schools and some of them are empty, these buildings or places can have a separate entrance to serve as a place for the homeless. These places can serve during the days for normal purposes and at night the homeless can have a place to sleep. Companies can donate beds, clothes and household supplies, that would be tax deductibles for the businesses.
French sociologist Émile Durkheim (1858–1917), the founder of the functionalist theoretical perspective, believed that humans are selfish by nature and must be channeled and controlled through proper socialization by social institutions. Korgen & Furst. (2012)
USICH and our member agencies have developed specific criteria and benchmarks in order to help guide communities as they take action to end homelessness for Veterans, families, youth, and people with disabilities. Criteria represent the essential elements of a community’s response, while benchmarks serve as measurements that a community can use to evaluate its overall effectiveness.




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