The character behaviors that lead me to believe he had a disorder is the movie IQ the character is Einstein, he was slow in learning how to talk. Also, he had a mild form of echolalia, he repeats phrases to himself two to three times. He was not able to control his temper, his face turns yellow, his nose snow-white and had a temper tantrum. He was great at systemizing and was more impress with it than his ability to emphasize. He did not respect authority.
Einstein did not have respect for authority which is the deviance part of the D’s diagnoses. He had an incident at school which causes him discomfort which leads toward depression and even close to a nervous breakdown. His father business’s suffered a sudden reversal of fortune.

The character had issues with authority and in life, people deal with others at a higher level than them. Some people would be at a level which people delegate to them because he was still young and in school, he had to listen to his teachers and professors.

The character got very depressed after his father lost his wealth which made him had to deal with life in a different manner.
He lost control because of his temper which made him harmful to the people around him. His classmates, his family and anyone that he came in contact with could be in danger if the character lost control of his behavior.

Aggression can be treated with drug or the person can take martial arts, kickboxing to redirect the anger. Therapy session can also help the person to deal with the behavior by utilizing “Humanistic model”. Also, a behavior modification could help to change his behavior, finally the last treatment could be to give the character mild electric shock.

The character Einstein was Jewish and it is normal for his culture to openly display their anger.

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