Early Intervention

I completed an early intervention course and I received a high grade because I follow the instructions from the professor. The main goal for studying the subject was to get a better knowledge of special needs children and how to guide them to learn lessons and to get rid of some of the behaviors that will hinder their life in general. The people in this field are trying to help others and at the same time earns a better living. They asked questions that will help them to understand what they need to do and they can also solve behaviors and lack of some senses. They gather behaviors data and also an assessment of how much the students know the lessons. The basic idea is to help the students with their behaviors, lack of speech, lack of mobility and so on. I can see how some people do not have sympathy for special need children because they can not see how each student has a special gift and they did not ask to be born that way.

I had to figure out which course did I get the best grade. I had to picture my times in the course and what was the reason that I enrolled in the course. I had to understand the benefits of learning from the experts so I can help my students. We did several exercises so I can truly have a sense of what the students are going through all the times. After the class, I can comprehend and be passionate about the students graduate from the class and move forward to the next class.

My score for the LCI are:
Sequence (30)
Precision (26)
Technical Reasoning (24)
Confluence (25)

Based on my own unique Learning Patterns, I will schedule a time each week to read and reread the assignment. I need to anticipate the point of the reading and what I need to know after I read the article or the assignment. Another way is to look for Que words in the questions. I will read other’s writing to get a better understanding of critical writing skills. I will remember that is ok to write starting from the middle, I do not need to be perfect. To enhance my critical writing skills, I need to take times to plan what I need to do. It is good to break the plan into small tasks, then small steps of what I need to do each day. I need to stay focus and be specific about what is required of me to finish a project. I can implement the SQ3R tips for my sequence learning pattern, “Focus on following the process step by step: Survey, then Question, then Read, Recite, and Review.”
SQ3R for my precision learning pattern, “In the Read stage, focus on reading slowly and carefully to absorb the details. In the Recite and Review stages, make sure you are able to summarize the key points of each section, and if you cannot, be conscientious in going back and rereading.”

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