The Four D’S

Students spent a majority of their times at school, they are like second homes. They need to feel safe at schools so they trust and learn. Teachers can maintain the daily schedule after a shooting event occurred but be open to addressing any questions after the event. Teachers can teach and show the students a good way to deal with the stress and concern. They can be truthful about what happened and use the right language to answer the student’s questions. Also, demonstrate a good plan in case it happens at the school. Set up activities that keep their body and mind occupied. It is good to let the student express their feelings about what happened. The teachers need to stay calm and understanding, let them know that you acre about them. The students will need counseling to help them to deal with the trauma, therefore the school needs to have counselors ready for them.

Conflict perspective would be one of the theoretical perspectives to address the question ” why did this happen?” because the students felt weak and someone else took their freedom. The shooter had the control of the environment and the student can not comprehend why the shooting happened.
The student can look at what happened took place because the shooter was not in the right mindset. It was their faults that the shooting happened and they did not do anything wrong. The family of the shooter maybe saw signs that things were not right and they could off get him help.

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