Career Counseling

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

The client asked her husband for a divorced because he was not there for emotionally, she felt like she was losing her identity. She has a three-year-old daughter with her husband and they did not have the same type of parenting style. He also criticized her right in front of her daughter. He looked down at her and he judged her which a type of emotional abuse. She has a set of value and she does not like people to pressure her into their own value. She is working as a waitress and she has her degree. She can not make up her mind about getting a better job. She is comfortable with a low wage job. She liked to be different more like the black sheep of the family. She got divorced from her parents.

The career counselor utilized the development theories, in this case, he looked at the different relationship in her life. He listened to how each of them impacted her mindset, he can understand how her self-esteem was damaged by her husband. She made the decision to end her marriage to save herself. After the divorced, she has the freedom to make her own mind and she enjoys her freedom to choose her own career. Her happiness and comfort are more important to her than money. She can stand on her own without another person undermine her. As she gains more control of herself, she can make the decision to get a better job or work more hours so she can purchase health insurance.
Self-concept is defined as an individual’s beliefs about himself or herself and can include self-esteem, a person’s attributes, and who and what the self is (Baumeister, 1999).

The client can write goals and plan to get better jobs so she has a better lifestyle. The plan needs to an expiration on when to reach the goals and what steps the client needs to take.
Goals are the end results of the times invest in plans. My goal is to get my degree, therefore, I will keep moving forward despite any obstacles. For example, at one time I had an issue with the internet than I had to relocate because of the Nor Easter.

The counselor listened to the client and rephrase what she said. He kept an open mind and he treated her with respect. He did not force her to make any decision or change her opinion about her beliefs. He was very patient with her and allowed her to know that the decision was hers, not anyone else.
The client has an opportunity to express herself and follow her own goal. She can as much time as she wants to make a decision. After a person leaves a hostile relationship times is a good way to heal and the person can appreciate life.


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