My Friend

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

My friend has been married for twenty-something years and he and his wife have a daughter in college and a son in High school. He is freedom Israel and she is a blond mute from different countries. They met at a bar and they liked each other so they dated for about one year than they got married. He is an artist who makes signs for business especially restaurants and bars in NYC. He started his business and built it up, so he makes great money and she works as an accountant in the business. She also does real estate on the side, so one day she asked him for a divorced because they were acting more like friends rather than husband and wife. He was shocked and did not understand what happened, so she moved out and got an apartment in the town near him. He was hurt but he made his best to understand her feelings. So, they lived apart or one year and during that time he brought the house from her and their son and daughter resided at the home, but their son spent the week with mom and the weekends with dad. Their daughter lived on campus and came home during the holidays.
My friend stayed in the home alone during the week and made the best of the situation while they got the divorce. He traveled a lot with his male friends when he has free times in his business. He tried to keep his spirit up, but my friend does not believe in God, how can that be when is a Jew from Israel. Although he lived a wildlife when he was younger, he tried drugs and wild crazy sexual encounters.
Somehow, I get attracted to wild and street-smart men. I had a boring childhood because my grandmother was strict and was very religious. I behaved well because I did not want to get discipline in the form of a beaten by her and my uncles. So, my sisters and my brothers and I behaved well to stay out of troubles unlike my cousin Yanithe. I like to spend times with my friend because I feel that he is wise, and he likes to watch the channel from his birth country. His mother and father are still alive, and they live in Israel. When I go to visit him, he teaches me how to play card and other games and he always has foods for us to eat. Anyway, after his divorced, he decided to move to NYC because his son is going to attend college there and he told me that the travel is too much for him. So, he put his house for rent and I suggested to him that maybe it would be better if he sells the house because the rent is very expensive in the area where he lives. He said that he will think about it, the house is very comfortable because he and his ex-wife made all the upgrade and they also have great furniture.
I am comfortable with him for some reasons, my shield is down, and I understand him and what he went through. He did right by his ex-wife compare to my ex-husband. I figured that my ex-husband and I was going to handle the business even though we got divorced. After all the business we started them from scratch, he and I were so proud of what we built and how we helped so many people and we duplicated ourselves.

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