Lince Capital

When you work with Lince Capital, you’re not working with a broker who only offers you band aid solutions that serves to stunt your business’ growth.

At Lince Capital, our goal is to strengthen your business borrowing power and help you meet any urgent financial need.  You will notice the difference almost immediately upon your first contact with Lince Capital.  Your assigned specialist will work with you to get you the lowest cost funding options that you need and qualify for.

However, you will notice that our services do not end there.  Lince Capital will touch base with you to help you develop a financial strategy that will help position your business to more conventional funding.  Our checklist will keep you on track to build optimal business qualifications that will open better financing options in the future.

As you’ve probably discovered, a strong business credit profile can give you access to untapped business opportunities.

Getting the best funding ever is easier when you have a business team that knows how, is dedicated to boost your business funding profile, and ultimately cares about results.  At Lince Capital, initial funding is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

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