Drugs addiction

Many people are addicted to prescription drugs and part of the reasons are the doctors who prescribe the drugs to them maybe after an accident or to relieve pain after surgery. Some people can not stop using the drug once they start because of the chemical in the drug. In the past, the drugs which the doctors gave to the patients were not that addictive. Also in this century, people are under a lot of stress and the drugs help them to function as best as they can. Another theory is the government used drug problem as a way to create racism and increase incarceration of so many black people. Some of the drugs are from other countries and yes the government took down many drug lords and the distribution still continue. Wheelock, Uggen, (2006)
There are about 2.1 million inmates which are the rate of 726 per 100,000 in the population compared to 210,000 in 1974. Most of the men in jails are blacks American. The ratio of male in prison is approximately 47% are Blacks, 33% Whites and 17% Hispanics. Society uses drug problem to incarcerate most of the black men in the United States which make the black families remain at the poverty level. After black men paid for their crimes whether it was a crime such as one full cigarete with marijuana or other drugs, they will pay for their crimes for the rest of their lives. They will not be able to get some jobs, they can get food stamps and they may not be able to get a place to live.

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