I left my phone at the karate school so I went on a phone diet. I had to use an old clock from my son to set the alarm for the morning. I had a good night sleep and I woke up at six am but went back to sleep. God shows me something he needed me to understand. When I lost the business which was supposed to help pay the personal and business bills, my friend from the job at the hospital who I thought cared about me told me that her brother needed help at the family business. her brother knew that I was making money with my blogs which mean I have a large follower on social media. I understood that he wanted to use my network to build his business which he inherited from his father and mother. I learned the business and most of the times he had me write checks for a large sum of money to pay another company. I am familiar with handling a large amount of money. I did some of the quickbook for the business also but he needed someone to run the business full-time while he goes in the field. His mother came to the factory every day and she brought him foods. They had a big room for the employees to meet and for him to meet with other business people. I watched how his mother took care of him and she brought a large plate of foods from the restaurant that her daughter owned with her husband. The foods tasted so good and I was able to take some foods home, however, the pay was not good enough. As a single mother with two children, I need to make at least three thousand dollars.

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