The uninsured are adults because it is too expensive and they can not afford the fees. so many companies and even public schools do not give health insurance to their employees. A lot of people are not qualified for a financial assistant because they are the working poor. also, the people who do not have a legal paper do not qualify for Medicaid on the marketplace coverage. Million of poor adults who earn too much do not qualify for Medicaid and they do not have enough to qualify for Marketplace premium tax credits.
“Most of the nonelderly in the United States obtain health insurance through an employer, but not all workers are offered employer-sponsored coverage or, if offered, can afford their share of the premiums. Medicaid covers many low-income individuals, and financial assistance for Marketplace coverage is available for many moderate-income people. However, Medicaid eligibility for adults remains limited in some states, and few people can afford to purchase coverage without financial assistance. Some people who are eligible for coverage under the ACA may not know they can get help, and others may still find the cost of coverage prohibitive.” Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, (2017)

The United States spent so much more on healthcare than other countries. And the USA is the only country that does not finance Universal health system but spent so much more of the public dollars on healthcare. Americans have fewer people who stay in the hospital and fewer people go see their doctors however USA spent more money on technologies such as MRI machines. The United States does not spend a lot on helping the poor with shelter, jobs, foods and disability benefits. Although the rate of people who died from cancer is low but more people died from heart diseases.

“Data from the OECD show that the U.S. spent 17.1 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on
health care in 2013. This was almost 50 percent more than the next-highest spender (France, 11.6%
of GDP) and almost double what was spent in the U.K. (8.8%). U.S. spending per person was equivalent
to $9,086 (not adjusted for inflation).” Squires and Anderson, (2015)

All residents in the United Kingdom have health insurance from the government and spent $2,802 per capita. The public in the USA spent $4,197 per capita more than other countries with the exception of Norway ($ 4,981) and the Netherlands ($4,495)

Universal healthcare is health insurance that the country provides for all the people in that country. The system can be found by the public but private companies can give the services. The money that the people paid taxes usually pays for health insurance. The system currently in place in the USA is most people can get health insurance coverage through their jobs but when the unemployment increase people lose their health insurance.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that guarantee Universal health coverage. Max Fisher, (2012)

The United State does not have Universal health care coverage because of the politicians. Although President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, when President Trump took office he got ride of the law. Most politicians do not care about how the poor can not afford to pay for health insurance, they also think the government should stay out of the issues which deal with healthcare.

According to the Fund reports, the USA has the highest costs and the lowest performance. Yes, the government help to fund health insurance for people over the age of 65 via the Medicare program and for people who are very poor through a program called Medicaid.

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