Boost Your Blog: How to use Twitter to drive massive traffic to your website

 Boost Your Blog: How to use Twitter to drive massive traffic to your website
By Nika Stewart, @NikaStewart Twitter + Blog = Business Success!A blog is an effective tool for 
driving website trafficincreasing your expert status, and showing off your company’s brand and value. But to enjoy these benefits, you obviously need your target audience to come to your blog
and read your articles.
So how can you get more eyeballs on your blog?Twitter is one of the best platforms for driving blog traffic. If you apply the tips below, your Twitter account will become a vehicle in which you gently
transport your social media followers to your website, transforming them from Intrigued Prospect to
Loyal Fan (and ultimately… Happy Customer).
Tweak (and tweet) Your Title
It’s common to simply post a blog title with a link:10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill: give this post a 5 out of 10. To make it better, tweak your title to sound less automated and more like a conversational prompt. Get rid of the initial caps and rephrase it:Paying too much for heating? Here are 10 ways to save big: newest article gives you 10 easy ways to save money on your heating bill -> money right away on your
heating bills with these 10 simple tips: tweets are more fluent and
twitter-friendly. And you can get more than one tweet from one title!
Grab a quote (or two or three)A super simple way to create tweets from your blog is to take quotes
directly from your article. Tweet them out with links back to the blog post.  You can paraphrase, shorten, or add hashtags for more effective delivery.In addition, pick some thought-provoking lines from
your article and turn them into graphic quotes. Typorama is my current fave phone app for creating
quick and easy typographic designs.
Be a Good *Tipper*What are people really searching for when they choose to click a link on Twitter? Valuable Information! Tips. Secrets. Guidelines. Hints. Yes, people want helpful ideas. Take the great
tips that you have already written in your article and turn them into tweets.
More is More: Get the most out of your tweets
Don’t make the mistake of writing just one tweet per article.  You spent all that time composing your brilliance; make sure it gets out to as many people as possible.  A good rule of thumb is to create 5 – 10 tweets per article.
Post Often and ForeverThe biggest mistake I see when people tweet out their blog is that they tweet it once.  All that work for one tweet (which has a very short lifespan) is a crying shame!  99% of your
followers will miss your post if it isn’t repeated.  Set up a schedule to release each blog article’s tweets consistently, for as long as the article is relevant. This will keep your Twitter content full, and increase your blog traffic.If you use these simple techniques, you’ll increase targeted traffic to your website
from Twitter. Wanna know how I know? The Ghost Tweeting account managers use these exact
guidelines for creating tweets from each blog article for every single Twitter client we have.  We see tweets driving traffic to blogs all day every day. (We can do this for you, too.
 See details on our Twitter Buzz program here)And now that you know how to write tweets from your articles, keep these tips in mind when creating your stories in the first place. It will help you to turn your articles into tweets that much quicker, accelerating the process of driving traffic to your blog.

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