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LCI Test

Sequence is natural for me and I like it because this pattern keeps my life in order. I feel so comfortable when I have an example of what is needing to do. I like to observe how an experienced professional in my field does any skills or tasks and I can duplicate the person. I need deadlines so I can focus on what I need to do. I like to be ahead of schedule at times because it makes me feel better. I do not need a touch explanation after I understand what I need to do.

Precision is important for me because I need the right information so I can navigate through my day. Once I find something that I like, I tried to find everything that I need to know about it, I would love to know how to communicate clearly to certain people. When I am passionate about something and I need others to see my point, I would keep talking until I feel I make my point. I am not afraid to show that I am following the procedures of the classroom and I read the protocol.

Technical Reasoning is a part of the LCI that I use when I need to calm my energy. I like to work alone because I have a strategy for what I do especially after I mastered it. I can fix almost anything that brakes, however, if I feel that I am under being use in an unhealthy way, I will ask someone else to help. I like to take action instead of waiting for others when I am comfortable with the person or people around me. If I feel overload I will not talk because I need to be calm.

Confluence is normal for me because I can feel myself getting mad when someone else does not think my idea is not good enough. I like to take risks because that how I can be more of myself instead of being control by others. At my job, I use different ways to help my students to learn the lesson or a skill. I use my own creative way of teaching to influence my students to learn. I do follow the instructions; however, I would go out of my way to help my students. I change my bedroom all the time and make it more comfortable and presentable. The lead teacher at work calls me a guru because I am well rounded in different subjects. I changed my career so many times because I am a risk taker.

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Self Regulation of Personal Behaviors

The five-step plan that will allow me to advance my skills and knowledge related to writing a novel. The first step is to intentionally find a place to sit and write. I will intensify my precision learning pattern by being specific to which place I will use. The second step is to write every day since I am a strong-willed learner, I can tether the need to not be so over-confident. I need to write even if I think I might have enough time to finish the novel. My focus is also to ask for help if or when I am not sure about what I am writing about. I can accept feedback, comments, and suggestions because I can learn from them. I also need to use references to support my information.

The third step plan is to read every day. I do like to read however sometimes I read things that are not related to my assignments. I also get distracted easily because I think I can do it all which is part of my confluent learning pattern. I also need to reread my work and double check what I wrote.

The fourth step is to edit my writing. For this step, I need to intensify my sequence and precision. I will use Grammarly and any other writer’s help to present a work which others want to read and buy. I will plan how many hours do I need to spend each day to achieve this goal.

The fifth step is to join a writing group. For this to succeed I need to tether my technical reasoning, I cannot work alone if I want to produce a great novel as an author. This group will hold me accountable about what I need to do as a writer.


My learning Pattern scores

Sequence (30) Use First

Precision (26) Use First

Technical Reasoning (24) Use as needed

Confluence (25) Use First


I will self-regulate my learning patterns by focusing on what plan I need to put together and deviate from it to accomplish this goal. My learning pattern will help me to utilize what I need to forge, intensify and tether from the way I am wired. My non- productivity thinking will be avoiding because of my self-regulating behaviors. The personal strategy card will also help me to put together the plan to write the novel which will be base on my LCI scores.



Never Sacrifice Any of These 5 Areas of Your Life for Work


Never Sacrifice Any of These 5 Areas of Your Life for Work

By Jacqueline Whitmore @etiquetteexpert


Personal success author Napoleon Hill once said, “Great achievement is usually born of sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” Even mega-hit songstress Beyoncé Knowles said, “Power means hard work and sacrifice.”

Perhaps your parents or someone else once told you that you had to sacrifice to get ahead. Many people believe that.

According to CareerBuilder, 38 percent of people surveyed continued to work after they left the office. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2014, about half of top executives in businesses of all sizes worked more than 40 hours per week. While it may be correct that success takes hard work, your life outside of work should not be sacrificed. To be successful, you must ensure that the following areas of your life also receive your full attention.

The five areas never to sacrifice are:

1. Health.

If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything, so taking care of your body should be your number one priority. It is easy to let the everyday stress and struggles creep into what should be your health time. Stress has a tendency to come on gradually, therefore it may be hard to notice, but once the symptoms arrive, they are impossible to ignore. Set up a healthy routine and keep it consistent. Include daily exercise, healthy meals and snacks, and some fun time after work. And don’t neglect your annual check-ups.

2. Family.

According to New Jersey divorce and family law attorney Bari Z. Weinberger, work stress and obligations are one of the top five reasons for divorce. “When one or both spouses have demanding, all-encompassing jobs, this can, over time, lessen or sever the bond that originally brought them together,” she said. Create separate work and home life hours, and once you get home focus on reconnecting with your family. Set your electronic devices aside and set aside some time to talk and share a meal or an activity together.

3. Interests.

Many of us allow ourselves to be identified by the work we do, however, work should be a percentage of who we really are and not the whole. Be sure to develop interests outside of work, like hobbies, sports, travel and family activities, for example. Keep your mind and body active. This will help you reduce stress and return to work refreshed, and you’ll have something other than work to talk about at the next business function or cocktail party.

4. Relationships.

The relationships you build throughout your career are yours, not your employers, and need to be nurtured in order to remain active and healthy. Make time to call or email some of your key clients or customers, or set aside a day a week to enjoy lunch together.

5. Integrity.

Stick to what you believe, no matter what, and ensure that your actions match your beliefs. If someone asks you to do something that might jeopardize your morals or integrity, decline and consider whether you want to remain in a relationship with this person. The stress that results from working outside your boundaries can be considerable.

It is easy to let work overwhelm you; what is difficult is making the conscious decisions to ensure a well-rounded life. But the payoff is well worth the trouble. No man ever proclaimed on his deathbed that he wished he had spent more time on his business.

Drugs Addiction

Many people are addicted to prescription drugs and part of the reasons are the doctors who prescribe the drugs to them maybe after an accident or to relieve pain after surgery. Some people can not stop using the drug once they start because of the chemical in the drug. In the past, the drugs which the doctors gave to the patients were not that addictive. Also in this century, people are under a lot of stress and the drugs help them to function as best as they can. Another theory is the government used drug problem as a way to create racism and increase incarceration of so many black people. Some of the drugs are from other countries and yes the government took down many drug lords and the distribution still continue. Wheelock, Uggen, (2006)
There are about 2.1 million inmates which are the rate of 726 per 100,000 in the population compared to 210,000 in 1974. Most of the men in jails are blacks American. The ratio of male in prison is approximately 47% are Blacks, 33% Whites and 17% Hispanics. Society uses drug problem to incarcerate most of the black men in the United States which make the black families remain at the poverty level. After black men paid for their crimes whether it was a crime such as one full cigarette with marijuana or other drugs, they will pay for their crimes for the rest of their lives. They will not be able to get some jobs, they can get food stamps and they may not be able to get a place to live.


Perception – How all information is interpreted via the process of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and kinesthetic. The process takes place very fast and most of the times people do not notice the interpretation. The brain perceives sound, touch, and the eyes to understand what is going on.
The brain manages the sensation it receives and delivers the responses. It receives the messages via touch, sound, visual and the skin. Major structures in the brain such as neurons, thalamus, visual cortex, olfactory system, nervous system help the process.

The brain uses our vision to see different things and people, our ears to hear sound loud or soft, our tongue to taste, our skin to feel textures.

A person perception can be wrong because of a trauma, the person sees things in negative ways. After especially a trauma a person perception can change, it could be the way the person deal with sound or the person may not be able to see.

The people from East Asia are interdependent, they engaged in several complex role relations and their environment are more complex and have more objects. They do not have too much social friction.
The westerners are independent and they would check an object and find out what it is for then categorize it.
“When we showed participants videos of fish, we found that Japanese were more likely to see emotions in the fish than were Americans (16).” (Nisbett. (2003)

In my culture, manners are very important and it shows the respect you have for others. However, Americans do not like manners so much, for example, I entered a classroom and the young lady did not care to say hello or good afternoon.


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Memory and Intelligence

People commonly repress memories of traumatic experiences and hypnosis can be useful for retrieving these memories. Some people have a problem with depression or eating disorder which are issues from a trauma that happened to the person. Childhood abuse or incest which the person cannot recall can be remembered through hypnosis by a therapist.

Women and men had traumatic events occurred to them. Childhood sexual abuse prevalence is 28 percent of women and 16 percent of men. Physical abuse as a child prevalence is 40 percent of women and 53 percent of men. Any type of event that happens quick and life-threatening is something traumatic. A child’s parent went to the hospital and died suddenly is a form of trauma. The child can forget her whole life experiences before the trauma, it just erased like the child was never alive. Other times traumatic events overlap, for example, a child got abused and right after the abuser kick the child out of the house. Children and young adulthood trauma might need to deal with loneliness, betrayal of boundaries, trust issues, isolation, and vulnerability. Schnelzer, (2018).
Although they are several treatments, the person seeks such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). A parent can cause a child not to trust also when the parent does not validate the child’s needs, for example, a child says” Mommy, I want to eat.” The parent denies the child’s needs and says “No, you are not hungry.”
Trauma changes a person basic belief about people and the world, therefore, it is better to get help from professionals. Trauma is when you react with fear, helplessness or horror from an experience. It can take a toll on your physical health as your mental health. The person might turn to smoking, overeating, drinking alcohol or use drugs to deal with the bad emotions.
Another way to deal with trauma is using dissociate defense “leaving the body” or disappearing. The event or trauma is stored on a different hard drive. The loss of language can be the result of a trauma because that part of the brain was offline.
The stress from a trauma can be detrimental and it can kill the person. However, with the proper therapy can help the person to deal with the stress. Although the person might repress the event of a trauma once the person understands his or her personality, the road to recovery would be easy. The Holmes-Rahe stress Inventory is a program which can help the person to see at what level is the person stress, for example, 150 point or less is a relatively low amount of life change and low susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdown.

In order for the person to get heal, he or she must go back to the time the trauma occurred. Relationship with others could be null as a defense mechanism unless the other person had the same trauma. The person may experience tightness in the chest, feelings of fear, shame or powerless and knot in the stomach are all side effect of the trauma.
A person will create protective habits to survive a trauma, therefore, it can be very hard to unlearn. Some people can numb their senses, it helps change how a person takes the information. Raja, (2012). Coping is another way to deal with trauma, it keeps our mind safe when it has to deal with issues. It might help with contentment which allows the person to have a normal life.

Freud and Janet stated the correlation between such problems as eating disorder or depression could be an underline suppress the memory of a history of childhood abuse or incest which the clients have no recollection of. The two-psychologist used hypnosis to help the client to remember the trauma. They used this type of therapy to help the patient with his or her present’s symptoms. Orne, Whitehouse, Orne & Dinges. (2009).


The first technological war was the first world war, ten million people died on the battlefield and many others got hurt physically and mentally. (Keegan 3; Winter 15-53). Lots of soldiers suffered from hysterical symptoms, such as deafness and some visual impairment. Hypnosis was used at that time to help them psychologically. Some of the doctors did not believe in hypnosis and they think the doctor who performed hypnosis can overpower the patients similar to rape. Hales. (2011).

Scholars from the early history of mesmerism and hypnotism did not find proof of retrieval memory during late 1700’s and early to mid-1800’s. They did not find any evidence and they believed that Gassner told the patients they had the devil in them and that was the reason of trembling or shaking of the body. Some of the patients were exorcism which is the case of satanic or multiple personalities. Patihis, Burton & Helena J. (2015).
The trauma and traumatic memories can be the basis of the pain or serve to exacerbate the pain related to injuries or disease. In this chapter, we focus primarily on dealing with specific traumatic memories that may be related to the experience of persistent pain or triggered during procedures. However, underlying traumatic memories that are not specifically related to the expression of pain can also be resolved by these techniques for


Hypnosis is used by the therapist to help a person to remember a trauma, Therapist use hypnoanalysis which was made on the theory that ‘ repressed traumatic memories’ can be reached by hypnosis to cure the person of a psychological sickness. Hypnosis helps people to remember an unpleasant event. The therapist takes the person back to something that happened when the person was young. Mark P. (2011). Hypnosis is placebo without deception. Kirsh, (1994); Raz, (2007). A person suffered a traumatic event which left the person without the recollection of the event, can work with a therapist to use hypnosis to retrieve the memory.

















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The Concept Of Learning

I would explain the concept of learning to someone who has not taken this class as intentional, the person needs to focus to learn. Also, a schedule set in place is very important, it can be a little flexible however discipline is required to do what needs to be done. The person needs to have a reliable place to do the assignment without too many distractions. Even if an emergency occurs, push through to do the assignments on time. It is also important to read all the instructions, follow directions and get help if you need it. The person can also utilize critical thinking to improve his or her learning.

I learned from this class the way we used to learn is not the same anymore. We had to do a lot of memorization and I did not understand my learning pattern. After I studied my LCI scores, I have confidence I can accomplish anything because I am a strong-willed learner. I can be a leader because I am already wired for it. I also learned critical thinking is important in order to succeed as a learner.

My learning patterns are Sequence (30) Use First, Precision (26) Use First, Technical (24) Use as Needed and Confluent (25) Use as Needed. I am a strong-willed learner which I did not know before.
I intensified my precision Use First to gather all the important information I need to answer the questions. I did not take too many risks or guessing what needed to be done therefore I tethered my confluence learning pattern. I also welcome the change of following the instruction on open book to take the quizzes. I looked at the examples from the book and my classmates which meant I intensified my sequence. I used deep reading and reread the chapters that were assigned to the discussions and journals. I gathered all the information and applied them so I can get great grades. I took consideration of what would happen if I did not strategize for me to succeed in this class. I used the cue words which correspond to my sequence learning pattern. I set times aside to think, read, study and write for my assignments. I focus on one problem or issues per day. I also took inventory of the people in my life and I do not let some of them distracted me from finalized my assignments. I can pass the classes and get my degree.

The challenges that I may face in the online classroom due to my unique combination of learning patterns are my use first sequence, I need a good explanation to complete the assignments. I also need to intensify my precision so I can read and reread the text which is assigned for each week. At times if I get stuck or overwhelmed, I can talk to my advisor or the professor and try not to so strong that I think I do not need help. I must tether the need to have so many lead role. I learned multitasking is not good because as an intentional learner I need to focus on only one thing.
I will self-regulate my learning patterns to overcome these challenges by paying attention to what I am thinking. I can dismiss the non-productive thinking and implement the metacognitive. I can also decode my assignments and apply FIT in my learning patterns. I can fill out my personal strategy card for my classes so I can strategize base on my LCI scores.

As I am applying for my dream job, the interviewer says,” I see you’ve taken EXP 105.” I would explain that I am a strong-willed learner. I would also explain that I can follow directions. I am also a leader who can also think outside of the box. I am open to learning any new skills to help the company because I like changes. As a future employee, I would be the first to learn new skills or program for the enrichment of the company.

I enjoyed what I learned about myself and because they were a positive assessment of my learning patterns, I understood that I can earn my degree. I learned I am smart enough to internalize the assignment.
I trust my advisor, therefore, I knew that I can succeed in the class. I expected to learn new methods which can help me with my career. My expectations were met, the online learning platform was clear. My instructor was very professional and helpful, I liked how he shared his personal life with the class. My peers came from all different careers and especially the ones from the military, I learned from them and they gave me the support to keep believing that I can succeed. Also if I want a good return on my investment, I need to take the right classes and try not to waste my times.


pearl-types-hero-imgIt takes three years for a pearl to form, it takes lots of pressure, therefore, you need to know that every test has an expiration.
The work of a pearl is hiding.
Pearl is expensive.
Pearl has a shine.
Have the discipline to tell everybody your problems during the trials and test.
Have the courage not to cheat during the trials
You will not get any answer during the trials.
Do not rush the process or you could waste precious resources.

Black Women

Black is a pigmentation, nothing less and nothing more. White men like to have a relationship with black women. It takes high self-esteem men to marry black women. Yes, we are very intelligent, strong and witty like other women. We do not see others as superior because we know who we are. With the help and right environments, we can do the same as others. Therefore we deserve the same opportunities and wealth as others.
I do not see colors, what I see is whether you are attractive or not too attractive. So I dated all different types of men as long they know how to treat me. I do like men who are intelligent and driven. I do feel more comfortable around men before, but now since I work with women, I can get along with different of women also.

Corporal Punishment

So many people are still so accustomed to corporal punishment, they can not refrain from it. It also takes lots of discipline to not put a child on timeout when the child’s behavior is not good. If people how to properly speak and work with children, it would help so much with the children’s confidence. For example, you redirect a child when he or she is displaying a bad behavior.