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Have a business? Is bad credit hindering your success?

By Gladys Salazar

Your FICO is typically seen as a measure of reliability and risk.  Having a low FICO score often keeps you from getting the traditional financing your business needs to operate and expand.

When you know that if you had the capital you need, your business will thrive, a merchant cash advance may be the right option for your business.  Merchant Cash Advances (MCA), notoriously known for high cost of borrowing, may be your answer.  If you’ve got a solid business plan and use this instrument carefully, you will find that it not only helps you unlock future cash now, but it also opens opportunities.  This article explores MCAs further.

While a merchant cash advance helps the majority of merchants, if you’re not careful, fail to make the right choices, and don’t plan ahead, your business may be on a path to self-destruction.  When seeking alternative lending, it’s best to speak with a qualified who will explain a merchant cash advance in detail, discuss your specific needs, and is able to guide you through options and the respective process.

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