“If you say someone has to pay for what happened then that is unforgiveness”


Drugs addiction

Many people are addicted to prescription drugs and part of the reasons are the doctors who prescribe the drugs to them maybe after an accident or to relieve pain after surgery. Some people can not stop using the drug once they start because of the chemical in the drug. In the past, the drugs which the doctors gave to the patients were not that addictive. Also in this century, people are under a lot of stress and the drugs help them to function as best as they can. Another theory is the government used drug problem as a way to create racism and increase incarceration of so many black people. Some of the drugs are from other countries and yes the government took down many drug lords and the distribution still continue. Wheelock, Uggen, (2006)
There are about 2.1 million inmates which are the rate of 726 per 100,000 in the population compared to 210,000 in 1974. Most of the men in jails are blacks American. The ratio of male in prison is approximately 47% are Blacks, 33% Whites and 17% Hispanics. Society uses drug problem to incarcerate most of the black men in the United States which make the black families remain at the poverty level. After black men paid for their crimes whether it was a crime such as one full cigarete with marijuana or other drugs, they will pay for their crimes for the rest of their lives. They will not be able to get some jobs, they can get food stamps and they may not be able to get a place to live.

Criminal Sanctions and Victimization

Criminal sanctions and victimization work to form a system of disadvantage that perpetuates stratification and poverty.

“A sanction is a kind of response meant to reward or punish behavior. Positive sanctions reward conforming behavior, and negative sanctions punish behavior that violates norms. Positive sanctions increase the likelihood that a particular behavior will continue. For example, teachers provide students with positive sanctions by giving higher grades for better work. Good grades reward students and increase the likelihood that they will want to continue to learn and achieve in school. In contrast, negative sanctions punish behavior with the goal of stopping it. For example, police officers give negative sanctions when ticketing drivers for violating traffic laws. Drivers who violate traffic laws put others in danger. Tickets decrease the likelihood that drivers will take risks on the road. Tickets can help society members remain safe by reducing reckless behavior.” Korgen and Furst, (2012)

Wheelock, D. & Uggen, C. (2006)

Punishment impacts individuals convicted of felonies, as well as their families, peer groups, neighborhoods, and racial group.

“Between 1980 and 1996, the population of drug offenders in state prisons grew by more than 16% annually. Mandatory sentencing laws created racial inequities as Blacks and Hispanics-Latinos have been the majority of those arrested and imprisoned for drug offenses.” Korgen and Furst, (2012)


After controlling for population differences, African Americans are incarcerated approximately seven times as often as Whites.

“For example, a 2009 Pew Social Demographic study revealed that Black and Hispanic Americans have far less confidence than Whites in their local police to effectively and fairly address the violence problem.” Korgen and Furst, (2012)


Variation in criminal punishment is linked to economic deprivation.

As the number of felons and former felons rises, collateral sanctions play an ever-larger role in racial and ethnic stratification, operating as an interconnected system of disadvantage.

“Current research has also begun to disentangle the impact of criminal sanctions from self-selection into crime in other arenas of social life, such as the family, educational attainment, and civic engagement.” Wheelock and Uggen, (2016)





Wheelock, D. & Uggen, C. (2006). Race, poverty and punishment: The impact of criminal sanctions on racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequality (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Working Papers: National Poverty Center. Retrieved from

If You Want Greatness, Take Responsibility


If You Want Greatness, Take Responsibility

By Matt Mayberry @Matt_Mayberry


“If you had to pick one quality that someone needs to possess, what would that be?” someone recently asked me.

After I was forced to give just one answer, I said, “If I had to pick just one quality, it would be taking complete and full responsibility for your life.”

Yes, there are a plethora of different qualities and habits that must be developed to truly become great, but there is no better starting point than taking complete responsibility for your life.

We live in a world where maximum results are expected with minimal effort given. If something goes wrong, it’s someone else’s fault. If you’re not happy financially, it’s the economy’s fault. If you’re not happy in your marriage, it’s your partner’s fault. If you’re not being compensated as much as you would like, the company doesn’t pay enough.

Any of those sound familiar? Chances are some hit home. It’s human nature to blame circumstances or the next person instead of taking ownership. However, in order to live a truly exceptional life, you must put an end to this way of thinking immediately.

So how can we once and for all start taking complete responsibility of our lives? Here are three ways to help get you started.

1. Decide.

It all starts with a firm decision to do so. It sounds simple, but there is a very small percentage of people who actually make the decision to take responsibility for their lives. They keep going back to their old ways and lose sight of the fact that they are the ones in the driver seat.

Force yourself to stop looking outside of yourself for things you are in control of. It’s a simple concept, but not easy by any stretch of the means. From here on out, make the firm decision that no single event or person is going to dictate your level of achievement.

2. Stop playing the blame game.

A large number of men and women from all walks of life struggle with this one, including myself from time to time. As I mentioned above, what’s easy to do is to blame your partner when a relationship gets shaky. What’s easy to do is to blame the government for a lack of financial success.

It’s absolutely imperative that you throw away every single excuse and start taking ownership in every area of your life. There is no way we can ever grab a hold of our lives completely when we are too caught up in the awful habit of playing the blame game.

3. Make a promise to yourself.

Something that has worked wonderfully for me is to write a simple creed on a notecard promising myself that taking complete responsibility for my life is something I will abide by every waking moment. It can be something as simple as, “I, Matt Mayberry, promise that I will never lose sight of taking full responsibility for my life.”

Legacies have been built and history has been made by men and women who decided to take complete ownership of their lives. Are you ready to do the same?

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Have a business? Is bad credit hindering your success?

By Gladys Salazar

Your FICO is typically seen as a measure of reliability and risk.  Having a low FICO score often keeps you from getting the traditional financing your business needs to operate and expand.

When you know that if you had the capital you need, your business will thrive, a merchant cash advance may be the right option for your business.  Merchant Cash Advances (MCA), notoriously known for high cost of borrowing, may be your answer.  If you’ve got a solid business plan and use this instrument carefully, you will find that it not only helps you unlock future cash now, but it also opens opportunities.  This article explores MCAs further.

While a merchant cash advance helps the majority of merchants, if you’re not careful, fail to make the right choices, and don’t plan ahead, your business may be on a path to self-destruction.  When seeking alternative lending, it’s best to speak with a qualified who will explain a merchant cash advance in detail, discuss your specific needs, and is able to guide you through options and the respective process.

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Do You Need an Assistant, or Do You Just Have to Work Harder?


Do You Need an Assistant, or Do You Just Have to Work Harder?

By Heather Markel @TheBullBuster


An issue I continuously encounter with my entrepreneurial clients is whether they should hire an assistant. As a solopreneur, you get conditioned to do everything yourself, cut costs and work really hard. However, there’s a point where too much hard work could work you out of more business.

A few of the core factors in deciding whether it’s time to get an assistant are timing, expense, and purpose. I’d like to pose three strategy questions to help you figure out whether now is the time for you to hire someone and where they will add the most value to your business.

1. Is it time for an assistant or a strategy overhaul?

A good indicator you need help is realizing you’re extremely busy and can’t get everything done. You may feel stressed, overwhelmed and rarely end a day with a sense of accomplishment. Before you hire someone, assess whether the issue is needing help or needing focus. You may be so busy trying to hit every sales and marketing channel that this lack of focus is the problem itself. If this sounds like you, make a list of all the methods you’re using. Next, to each, write down how many clients you’ve generated. Temporarily eliminate any channels you’ve used for six months or more that haven’t resulted in clients. See if removing extraneous work leads to you getting more done and better serving your clients.

On the other hand, if your challenge is a steady stream of clients generating administrative work, which takes you away from serving your clients and getting new ones, you need to hire someone.

The most important consideration is whether your current activities increase your revenue or waste your time. Why pay someone else to do activities that don’t help your business grow? If you do, you risk wasting money on a person, in addition to a monthly subscription fee, potentially tripling your costs, just to outsource work that offers you no return on your investment.

Here’s a perfect example. I find my clients often default to hiring someone to do their social media. When I ask what they want a social media assistant to do, they typically want someone else to take the annoying task of posting every day or week off their plate. When I probe further, I learn they’ve done their own posting for months or years and have not gotten clients or inquiries as a result. Instead of hiring someone to implement the same strategy you’ve proven ineffective, either drop the time and money investment or hire a strategist to help you change what you’re doing to get better results.

2. Can you afford an assistant?

If you’re just starting and have limited funds, it can seem impossible to think about hiring an assistant. You may be overlooking a valuable resource — interns. Inquire at a local high school or university, and you’re likely to find eager students willing to work for experience instead of a (high) salary. You may be fortunate to work with someone you want to hire in the future.

If you’re further along in your business and spend lots of time on non-revenue generating activities, you can’t afford not to hire an assistant. You won’t be able to grow your business unless you delegate, at least, the administrative functions you perform. For you, the strategy of avoiding the expense of an assistant will cost you more in lost growth opportunities.

3. What kind of assistant should you hire?

When you make the decision to get help, the next hurdle is figuring out what an assistant will do for you. An assistant should do at least one of the following — save you time, earn you money, expand your customer service. If you can’t explain how an assistant will contribute to at least one of these outcomes, then it’s either the wrong time to hire or you haven’t figured out what you need an assistant to do.

Here’s the advice I give to my clients. Create a “bucket list.” No, not the list of things you want to do before you die, rather, the activities you feel will kill you if you do them any longer! I recommend using Excel and creating a spreadsheet with nine columns:

  1. Daily/weekly activities
  2. Revenue generating or admin
  3. Essential or optional
  4. Activities I love and do well
  5. Activities I can do but don’t enjoy
  6. Activities I’m not skilled at
  7. Activities I hate doing
  8. Time spent
  9. Cost/income

Start by listing your ongoing activities in the first column. Then categorize the activities into the buckets outlined above. The final two columns help you figure out your outsourcing priority. Write down how much time per day/week you spend on each task. If you don’t know, a stopwatch or a program like Toggl can help you figure that out. In the final column, list how much money each activity has cost or generated.

The last step is to filter your spreadsheet and create your outsource list. For example, essential admin tasks you hate doing — and eat up a lot of your time — are great ones to give to an assistant. Once you understand what you need to delegate, you can create a job description that will help you find the right person.

An assistant can be a needless business cost or one of the most valuable resources you have. Creating a logical way to analyze your business needs will help you determine the right time and the right person to hire.


By Marie Diaz-Cervo

She is an alpha woman, she speaks her mind and unable to be loyal to people that think maybe she is their friends. You cannot treat people with bad attitude and expect them to remain your friends. When she wants something from people, she used that delicate voice as a sort of manipulation. If you are naive, you will think oh she likes me.

I noticed others utilize little girl voice to make people help them. That voice is soft and angelic. These must be the voices they used to get things from their fathers and tickling down to their boyfriends and husbands.

I want to know and develop that kind of manipulation toward people to get what I want from them. The same people can also lie to get what they want from others.

I went to visit my mother after church, and it was a hot day. She had three fans one and the ceiling fan on also. My old furniture is at her home since I resided in the main house. My furniture and appliances are distributed all over my sisters and mom homes. My brother gave her an IPad so she can skype or facetime with her grandchildren, she enjoyed the knowledge on the freedom she has. I saw the IPad, therefore, I decided to teach her how to use YouTube to watch fashion shows from different designers. Mom saw the show and got so happy because she loved fashion. I enlarged the screen for her, and she said I made a dress like this already. I closed the page and asked her to demonstrate how to open the apps.

We also have a conversation about how hot it was in my room since it is on the second floor. She said someone stole her air conditioner from the garage. I told her I went to home depot and saw a small one, but it was too heavy.

A family friend came over and got into the conversation and told us that he saw an air conditioner for $118.00 at Hallmark. My mother said buy two and here is the money. Her friend suggested he will come with me. I told them we can go to home depot because it was closer. I got in the car, and he made a smart remark “wow you know how to drive” I answered “actually.” Did I ask him how old are you? He said Fifty years old. I used the google map on my cell to get the direction to the store so that we can get there faster. I stopped for gas, and he asked how come the car is making so much noise. I told him the car is old and I also said that everybody stated that Subaru is a good car. He said it is a Japanese car, so is Toyota. When we got to home depot, the air conditioner was sold out. We when back to my mother’s house without going to another store, because he was angry. He told me he needs to get AC Pro for his car, and he didn’t have the money for it, so I said I will buy it for him, but he said no. I also asked how come his family is so close to my mother; he told me that his mom and my mom were good friends almost like sisters when they were young.

My mom said to me when I got back; your sister is having a party for your nephew for his going away to college. I told her I’d take her and head out to another store to purchase the air conditioner. She wanted to go with me to the store, but I told her I would take her to my sister because I wanted to go alone to the store this time.

My then husband’s teenage daughter got her driver’s license; they usually go to the school together, but our thirteen-year-old got sick and had to stay home in bed. She said to me “are you coming with us” she just assumed that she was just going to take the car without asking. I laugh and told her no and that she was not going to take the car and told her to come upstairs. I said to her did you asked me if you can use the car or did you just assumed that you automatically take the car. I told her that I need to get food for her sister that was sick and it is my car, therefore, she needs to ask. I looked at her and felt all the confidence that she had and told her to learn to be humble. A car is a big responsibility and it would off make sense if she asked. The next day she went to her father’s sister house and came back with my sister in law’s car. I knew at that moment I was in for a rude awaking, the relationship changes at that moment. Now she is married and more mature, if she wants some kind of relationship, it would be alright with me.

The warning signs are there before a person cut ties with you or betray you. If you pay attention to what the person does or says, you can be aware of what is about to come. The person might abandon someone else before, and you think there is no way that person will do this to me. Your job is to move forward and spend times with people who love you and accept you. You can also reach out to others who might need a friend, and it will make you feel so much better.

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