My Friend

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

My friend has been married for twenty-something years and he and his wife have a daughter in college and a son in High school. He is freedom Israel and she is a blond mute from different countries. They met at a bar and they liked each other so they dated for about one year than they got married. He is an artist who makes signs for business especially restaurants and bars in NYC. He started his business and built it up, so he makes great money and she works as an accountant in the business. She also does real estate on the side, so one day she asked him for a divorced because they were acting more like friends rather than husband and wife. He was shocked and did not understand what happened, so she moved out and got an apartment in the town near him. He was hurt but he made his best to understand her feelings. So, they lived apart or one year and during that time he brought the house from her and their son and daughter resided at the home, but their son spent the week with mom and the weekends with dad. Their daughter lived on campus and came home during the holidays.
My friend stayed in the home alone during the week and made the best of the situation while they got the divorce. He traveled a lot with his male friends when he has free times in his business. He tried to keep his spirit up, but my friend does not believe in God, how can that be when is a Jew from Israel. Although he lived a wildlife when he was younger, he tried drugs and wild crazy sexual encounters.
Somehow, I get attracted to wild and street-smart men. I had a boring childhood because my grandmother was strict and was very religious. I behaved well because I did not want to get discipline in the form of a beaten by her and my uncles. So, my sisters and my brothers and I behaved well to stay out of troubles unlike my cousin Yanithe. I like to spend times with my friend because I feel that he is wise, and he likes to watch the channel from his birth country. His mother and father are still alive, and they live in Israel. When I go to visit him, he teaches me how to play card and other games and he always has foods for us to eat. Anyway, after his divorced, he decided to move to NYC because his son is going to attend college there and he told me that the travel is too much for him. So, he put his house for rent and I suggested to him that maybe it would be better if he sells the house because the rent is very expensive in the area where he lives. He said that he will think about it, the house is very comfortable because he and his ex-wife made all the upgrade and they also have great furniture.
I am comfortable with him for some reasons, my shield is down, and I understand him and what he went through. He did right by his ex-wife compare to my ex-husband. I figured that my ex-husband and I was going to handle the business even though we got divorced. After all the business we started them from scratch, he and I were so proud of what we built and how we helped so many people and we duplicated ourselves.

Career Counseling

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

The client asked her husband for a divorced because he was not there for emotionally, she felt like she was losing her identity. She has a three-year-old daughter with her husband and they did not have the same type of parenting style. He also criticized her right in front of her daughter. He looked down at her and he judged her which a type of emotional abuse. She has a set of value and she does not like people to pressure her into their own value. She is working as a waitress and she has her degree. She can not make up her mind about getting a better job. She is comfortable with a low wage job. She liked to be different more like the black sheep of the family. She got divorced from her parents.

The career counselor utilized the development theories, in this case, he looked at the different relationship in her life. He listened to how each of them impacted her mindset, he can understand how her self-esteem was damaged by her husband. She made the decision to end her marriage to save herself. After the divorced, she has the freedom to make her own mind and she enjoys her freedom to choose her own career. Her happiness and comfort are more important to her than money. She can stand on her own without another person undermine her. As she gains more control of herself, she can make the decision to get a better job or work more hours so she can purchase health insurance.
Self-concept is defined as an individual’s beliefs about himself or herself and can include self-esteem, a person’s attributes, and who and what the self is (Baumeister, 1999).

The client can write goals and plan to get better jobs so she has a better lifestyle. The plan needs to an expiration on when to reach the goals and what steps the client needs to take.
Goals are the end results of the times invest in plans. My goal is to get my degree, therefore, I will keep moving forward despite any obstacles. For example, at one time I had an issue with the internet than I had to relocate because of the Nor Easter.

The counselor listened to the client and rephrase what she said. He kept an open mind and he treated her with respect. He did not force her to make any decision or change her opinion about her beliefs. He was very patient with her and allowed her to know that the decision was hers, not anyone else.
The client has an opportunity to express herself and follow her own goal. She can as much time as she wants to make a decision. After a person leaves a hostile relationship times is a good way to heal and the person can appreciate life.


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Leadership & self-Efficacy

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

The behavior specialist at my job is a naturalist and she dresses the part. She loves the special needs children and I like her because she can see me and when I did a great job with the ABLss assessment of the students she told everyone how I did so great and I am really great at. She stood up for me when others just tried to hide my gifts and also took the rewards for my works. Not everybody is capable of shining the light on someone else unless the person has a great self-confidence. The lead teacher did not say a thing about how I helped her and worked hard at my job. While I helped and do my best another coworker tried to emotionally abuse me and I did not know how to deal with it. Since she was a white Italian woman she just figured she can do whatever she wanted, so at a meeting Lisa asked everyone to write a concern about what is going on and I did, then I tried to get rid of the paper but Lisa told me to put it back. At that meeting, the psychologist, social worker, and the lead teacher were also there so they heard my concern and they took action and remove the coworker from the building I was working at.

Achievement motivation is what a person focus on to get the outcome of the goals and plans that he or she set out to get. A person might want to get more money or more recognition, therefore, the end result would be the drive to do the best he or she can at school or at work.

I do my best and learn what I need to learn so I can succeed in achieving the goal and plan that I want to get. Those efforts are the pathway to accomplish what I set out to achieve.

I can increase my own achievement motivation to manage challenges and overcome obstacles as I work toward reaching my goals by focussing on the more impact I will make when I get my degree. People would not be able to say that I do not have the credential to get another higher position at my job. I would make a higher earning which I could help more people who need financial help. I would get more respect and stop the whispering from people who only get the job because they know someone who works at the board of education, I am also motivated to have wealth so I can show my ex-husband that he did not make me. He went and married his mistress a few months after our divorce. My motivation is the keep moving forward without taking another’s woman’s husband.

In order to reach my goal, these two concepts are relevant to help me. Self-determination theory is a concept that will keep me moving forward no matter what the obstacles because I am driving to achieve the goal that I set, I do not need other people to boost me to do what I need to do. Some people can move for internal reasons or external reasons. You can do something because you like it or because of the outcome that would follow. Those who are more intrinsically motivated generally give more effort, persist longer at a task, and perform better than the people who are extrinsically motivated.McCarthy, C. J., DeLisi, M., Getzfeld, A. R., McCarthy, C. J., Moss-King, D. A., Mossler, R., Privitera, G. J., Spence, C., Walker, J. D., Weinberg, R. S., & Youssef-Morgan, C. M. (2016).
Goal setting has the steps for me to achieve the plan. It is in writing and I can look at it to see what is my next task. It makes it easier to see how I am going to reach the goal. There are two ways I can achieve a goal, one is I want to be the best and the other is I want to show off. I can compete with myself or I put other people down.


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School Shooting Aftermath

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

Students spent a majority of their times at school, they are like second homes. They need to feel safe at schools so they trust and learn. Teachers can maintain the daily schedule after a shooting event occurred but be open to addressing any questions after the event. Teachers can teach and show the students a good way to deal with the stress and concern. They can be truthful about what happened and use the right language to answer the student’s questions. Also, demonstrate a good plan in case it happens at the school. Set up activities that keep their body and mind occupied. It is good to let the student express their feelings about what happened. The teachers need to stay calm and understanding, let them know that you acre about them. The students will need counseling to help them to deal with the trauma, therefore the school needs to have counselors ready for them.

Conflict perspective would be one of the theoretical perspectives to address the question ” why did this happen?” because the students felt weak and someone else took their freedom. The shooter had the control of the environment and the student can not comprehend why the shooting happened.
The student can look at what happened took place because the shooter was not in the right mindset. It was their faults that the shooting happened and they did not do anything wrong. The family of the shooter maybe saw signs that things were not right and they could off get him help.


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Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

The legal and justice system hired psychologists to help understand criminals, forensic psychologists are experts which are witnesses during especially criminal trials. They analyze crimes areas to put together criminal profiles which help to pinpoint the right suspects.
My case is a female serial killer name Aileen Wuornos, she was executed in 2002. She shot 7 men in Florida between 1989-1990, she was called “Damsel of Death”. A forensic psychologist could have been helpful because her issues with abandonment, her mother left her when she was very young. Her grandfather sexually and physically abuse her, even her father’s mental problem contributed to her behavior, he killed himself while in jail. Her first husband served 10 yrs prison sentence for sexual assault and the information was not revealed during her trial. Since her father committed suicide in jail, she could copy her father and be dangerous to self. Furthermore, the assessment is from her cation which shows she wanted to hurt others. Mental health clinicians which include forensic psychologist would be present to evaluate her. “Suicide is a leading cause of death of persons detained in jail and is also a significant mortality risk for long-term inmates serving their sentences in prison in addition to former offenders recently released from prison.” Binswanger et al., 2007; Hayes, (2012).

She is definitely dangerous to others based on her RAP sheet. therefore jail was not the answer. She was a great threat to society that psychologist and the justice system want to execute her. “In these circumstances, forensic psychologists are hired by both prosecution and defense counsel to provide their clinical view that an offender will likely re-offend (in the view supporting the prosecution) or that it is less clear or unlikely that an offender will re-offend (in the view supporting the defense).” McCarthy, C. J., DeLisi, M., Getzfeld, A. R., McCarthy, C. J., Moss-King, D. A., Mossler, R., Privitera, G. J., Spence, C., Walker, J. D., Weinberg, R. S., & Youssef-Morgan, C. M. (2016).
She was sentenced to death because she would likely kill people again which made her future dangerousness. She shot 7 people and her father was schizophrenic. The likeness of her commits more crimes was very high.

Profiling can be called by the FBI as “criminal investigative analysis”; prominent forensic psychologist name his work “investigative psychology”; and another person name his “crime action profiling.”
Despite the different names, all of these tactics share a common goal: to help investigators examine evidence from crime scenes and the victim and witness reports to develop an offender description. Winerman, L. (2004).

So many shows have characters for police psychology and they work closely with law enforcement to solve crimes. In the shows, forensic psychologist gets into the minds of the person who committed crimes. They interviewed the victim who escapes getting more information pertained to the crime.
Forensic psychologists need to be very careful to utilize the proper test and interventions. They have to treat prisoners with respect and not torture them. They can not force people to admit to something they did not do. They need to follow the code of ethics.

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The Problem Of pain

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

My client believes her migraine happened because of the car accident, the impact of the car was hard which result of her whiplash. Her type of locus of control is internal and if her locus of control was high she would off have better health outcomes. The client is aware that if he or she continues to take a painkiller, the likeliness of the client to become addictive to the pills will increase. The painkiller will damage her health. Our individual locus of control is the extent to which we perceive that we are in control over those things that we are capable of influencing. Marsh & Richards, 1987; Rotter, (1966)

Pain is a way that your body tells you something is wrong and it has the psychological, emotional and biological effect. Exercise would be the best technique to reduce the pain for this patient. The exercise needs to be low impacts like yoga, walking, swimming, and stretchings. Bruns & Kerns, (2013).

According to the experimental pain studies, African Americans have a lower tolerance for pain than Non-Hispanic Whites. Indians have a much lower threshold for thermal pain than Non-Hispanic Whites. The age range is 12-78 and the result for whites is 274 and Sd for other group is 273.

Although people often think of pain a purely physical sensation, pain has biological, psychological and emotional factors. Furthermore, chronic pain
can cause feelings such as anger, hopelessness, sadness, and
anxiety. To treat pain effectively, you must address its physical,
emotional and psychological aspects. Bruns, D, & Kerns, R. D.(2013).

Pain can be managed by our breathing because it influences how much we can deal with it. Experimental study show relaxation as a way for pain perception. Deep and slow breathing is a relaxation technique in the treatment of chronic pain. For example, when women are giving birth, they learned to take a deep breath and then push, if they did not take the epidural before a high level of contraction, breathing techniques help with the pain. Busch, Kern, Haas, Hajak, Eichhammer, (2012).

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Stress and Coping

By Marie Diaz-Cervo

Stress management for a 65-year-old white woman. She is a grandmother, she works with special needs children and her daughter always needs her help with the grandchildren. The grandmother develops hives because of the stress of her everyday life and she also stops exercise because of her schedule

Mental health professionals would use stress management to help the client to deal with her stress. The treatment is evidence-based interventions, therefore they tested several people with the same symptoms to get positive results. Also, the client will understand how come she felt the way she felt. She needs to understand that her schedule, how she feels and how she faces life. McCarthy, C. J., DeLisi, M., Getzfeld, A. R., McCarthy, C. J., Moss-King, D. A., Mossler, R., Privitera, G. J., Spence, C., Walker, J. D., Weinberg, R. S., & Youssef-Morgan, C. M. (2016).

Resilience is the way a person get back on track after a bad experience which was hard but the person might take a little break then get right back to what needs to be done. The person can be so focused and do better than before. One way to build resilience is to move toward your goals. The person can take small steps and do them often. Also, ask yourself what is it that I can do today to help me reach my goal. Another way is to maintain communication and spend times with close family members, friends, and coworkers. If they want to help you accept their help. When others listen to what you are going through, it will help tremendously. Find ways to help others that will make you feel great and be active at church, local groups or civic group will also help. Other ways to build resilience is to accept that change is a part of living. some dreams and goals might take longer to achieve. Also, some things people can not change can help you to focus on the things you can change. Comas-Diaz, L., Luthar, S. S., Maddi, S. R., O’Neill, H. K., Saakvitne, K. W., & Tedeschi, R. G. (2011).

Flexibility in maintaining resilience when face a difficult issues help with experience strong emotions and stop and breath so you can keep living. Take actions to face the issues and do your normal routine and stop to think and get more energy to face the problem later on. Take times to laugh and connect with people who love you. Finally, trust yourself and get help from others. Comas-Diaz, L., Luthar, S. S., Maddi, S. R., O’Neill, H. K., Saakvitne, K. W., & Tedeschi, R. G. (2011).
“Life skills” enable us to be productive, effective and resilient in the face of challenges and difficult situations. We know that our Face Forward participants face a host of tempting, but negative influences in their every day live. In addition to building confidence and self-esteem, life skills serve as protective armor against poor choices and their related negative consequences.
We strive to ensure that participants increase their awareness and are able to apply positive behaviors. Our curriculum helps them:
Recognize and cope with stress
Identify the links between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
Learn the differences between choices and decisions
Practice effective communication, self-control and reduce impulsive behaviors
Engage in constructive conflict resolution and effective problem-solving.” 100 Urban League of Essex County, (2016).



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Health Insurance

The uninsured are adults because it is too expensive and they cannot afford the fees. So many companies and even public schools do not give health insurance to their employees. A lot of people are not qualified for a financial assistant because they are the working poor. Also, the people who do not have a legal paper do not qualify for Medicaid on the marketplace coverage. Millions of poor adults who earn too much do not qualify for Medicaid and they do not have enough to qualify for Marketplace premium tax credits.

“Most of the nonelderly in the United States obtain health insurance through an employer, but not all workers are offered employer-sponsored coverage or, if offered, can afford their share of the premiums. Medicaid covers many low-income individuals, and financial assistance for Marketplace coverage is available for many moderate-income people. However, Medicaid eligibility for adults remains limited in some states, and few people can afford to purchase coverage without financial assistance. Some people who are eligible for coverage under the ACA may not know they can get help, and others may still find the cost of coverage prohibitive.” Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, (2017)

The United States spent so much more on health care than other countries. And the USA is the only country that does not finance Universal health system but spent so much more on the public dollars on healthcare. Americans have fewer people who stay in the hospital and fewer people go see their doctors however USA spent more money on technologies such as MRI machines. The United States does not spend a lot on helping the poor with shelter, jobs, foods and disability benefits. Although the rate of people who died from cancer is low but more people died from heart diseases.

Data from the OECD show that the U.S. spent 17.1 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on Healthcare in 2013. This was almost 50 percent more than the next-highest spender (France, 11.6% Of GDP) and almost double what was spent in the U.K. (8.8%). U.S. spending per person was equivalent to $9,086 (not adjusted for inflation).” Squires and Anderson, (2015)

Based on the resources you reviewed, our health care spending and health outcomes related to one another?  In other words, does spending more on health care lead to better health outcomes (i.e. a healthier population) and vice versa?

All residents in the United Kingdom have health insurance from the government and spent $2,802 per capita. The public in the USA spent $4,197 per capita more than other countries with the exception of Norway ($ 4,981) and the Netherlands ($4,495)

Universal healthcare is a health insurance that the country provides for all the people in that country. The system can be found by the public but private companies can give the services. The money that the people paid taxes usually pays for health insurance. The system currently in place in the USA is most people can get health insurance coverage through their jobs but when the unemployment increase people lose their health insurance.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that guarantee Universal health coverage. Max Fisher, (2012)

The United State does not have Universal health care coverage because of the politicians. Although President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, when President Trump took office he got rid of the law. Most politicians do not care about how the poor cannot afford to pay for health insurance, they also think the government should stay out of the issues which deal with health care.

According to the Fund reports, the USA has the highest costs and the lowest performance. Yes, the government help to fund health insurance for people over the age of 65 via the Medicare program and for people who are very poor through a program called Medicaid.

According to the census, 14% of the U.S population are blacks and they are the highest with an illness such as HIV infections, 44% of new HIV infection in 2009. Since blacks like to have intercourse with people from their race so they are more likely to get the infection with each new sexual encounter. The STD’s is also high in the black race and they do not have enough money for health insurance. Blacks are also afraid of the stigma that some public place on them, so they do not get tested for the HIV virus or want to do know they might have it.



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Intervention for a heroin addict

Michael is 28 years old and he is addicted to heroin. He has withdrawal symptoms, stomach cramps, muscle spasms, a runny nose, chills, dilated pupils, elevated blood pressure and heart rate and, and he is running a slight temperature. He has no other major medical problems and only reports mild anxiety symptoms. Initially, he is polite and charming and just wants a referral to a new doctor who will give him some “meds” as his prior physician will not give him any more. When I recommend an evaluation first, Michael becomes angry and threatening. He says”you are
leaving him no options except to rob someone. He also tells me he wants to quit using drugs and he just needs a few pills to get him through the night.
Science has different characteristics such as objectivity, verifiability, ethical neutrality, systematic exploration, reliability, precision, accuracy, abstractness, and predictability. It is revolving constantly since experts discover new theories. Science is about research by a method of testing, taking data and the results can be positive or negative.
And Applied behavioral science examines and test problem or behaviors which impact people via prevention and intervention. Clients received counseling after a specialist observe his behaviors.

This case displays the maladaptive Behavior because of the four D’s concepts. My client is obsessed with the drug and he would do anything to get the drug. The addictive drug is not accepted in his culture, unlike in South Asia. “Statistical rarity also overlaps with historical changes and differences in cultural norms. In much of South Asia, for instance, it is common for people to chew highly addictive betel nut. Because it contains an addictive drug, it would be considered an abnormal behavior in most Western cultures. However, it is an accepted part of the landscape in wide parts of India, Indonesia, and elsewhere.” He also shows anxiety and felt distressed which is a requirement to get professional help. It could be subjective if he took the doctor’s opinion but he did not. He showed dysfunction when he denied his health.” Part of the answer to whether or not distress interferes with everyday functioning is related to the level of dysfunction. Individuals who show dysfunction might neglect self-care functions (such as bathing) or be unable to socialize or work properly. ” He got mad and threatening which is the danger part. He said he will go and rob someone which show he is a danger to society. It became a legal problem when it is not a good moral and he was not in the right state of mind. “Individually and socially, it is concerning when people are a danger to themselves or others.”

6) As a counselor I need to remember the client’s welfare, my first responsibility is to respect and look out for the best for my client. I need to record and documents all sessions. I need to put a counseling plan together with my client. Informed consent or the right of the client has to stay in the treatment, if the client is not fully aware then I need consent from his family. I can not have any sexual or romantic relationship with the client. I must keep boundaries and professional relationship with the client. “Counselors act to avoid harming their
clients, trainees, and research participants
and to minimize or to remedy the unavoidable or unanticipated harm.” ACA code of ethics, (2014)

The intervention, in this case, would be behavioral therapy. It was tested on animals before, for example, they took a cow and if the cow tries to leave the area, it would receive an electric shock and it would stop. It is call conditioning when a good behavior is a reward. Counterconditioning has helped people lose weight, quit smoking, improve social skills, and change other unwanted behaviors. Skinner, 1938; Skinner, 1957; Skinner & Ferster, (1957). The client taking heroin is a dysfunctional behavior, he needs to unlearn it and replace it with more adaptive behavior. Michael can join a gym and workout every day every day to build his muscle, he would look good and feel good. He can repeat the process over and over and be addictive to looking great and compete to show his great physic. He can associate his physic with great feelings of happiness. Heroin is replaced with smoothies, nutrition bars, fruits and great protein such as steaks, chicken, and fish. A behavioral therapist can help the client to replace the urge to do heroin with weight liftings.
2014 ACA Code of Ethics. Retrieved from:

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