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Poem By Mona Lake Jones


Happy Day

By Mona Lake JonesHUHH2016-Outside_Eagle-CO_1.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960


Squeeze the day

and wring it out good

Get every drop of living

you think you should


Twist each minute

making sure not to lose

There must not be a single drop of joy

that you neglect to use


Warm by the sun rays

shining from above

Suck in all the sweet aromas

and wrap yourself in love


Dance, sing,

write a line or two

Relish in the comfort of the old

and be surprised by something new

Put your smile on first thing in the morning

and wear it all day long

Look only for the best

and find no fault or wrong


Embrace the day, hug it hard

and barely let it slip away

Then rest so you will be ready

for another happy day!

5 Life Lessons That Made Me a Better Entrepreneur


5 Life Lessons That Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

by Valerie Svenningsen @comforcare – ComForcare Certified Senior Advisor 

Throughout the years, I’ve gathered countless tidbits of advice from my parents, friends, colleagues and mentors. As I’ve learned about trust, responsibility and happiness, I’ve realized that these lessons extend well beyond my personal life. Today, I often find myself using professional advice as a way to confront a personal issue I might run into, or looking to personal philosophies to help solve an obstacle in the office.

Here are five lessons that can be applied both in life and in business that I find myself using regularly:

  1. Establish and maintain trust. Without trust, there is simply no foundation to move forward in a relationship, whether it is professional or personal. For a business owner especially, I find that it’s crucial to gain the trust of my clients in order to create and maintain a loyal clientele. Especially in the case of owning an at-home senior care service business, such as ComForcare Senior Services, my clients need to be able to trust that their caregiver is providing them with the most personalized attention and care they can experience in the field.
  2. Listen. Take the time to fully listen to what people are saying to you. We may have great ideas and advice of our own to give, but I assure you that if you truly listen when someone is speaking to you, you are bound to get so much more out of the conversation.

You will get a better understanding of where they are coming from and the things that they value most. It takes more than one person to have a constructive discussion of thoughts and ideas, so try to resist the urge of speak outside of your turn.

  1. Accept liability. No one wants to be associated with an individual who never takes responsibility for his or her actions. Everyone should pull their own weight, own up to their mistakes, and learn how to grow from them. At work, the more responsibility that you take on, the more respect you will earn from your cohorts. In order to create successful and lasting professional and personal relationships, it is crucial to hold yourself accountable your actions and those around you will treat you with more respect because of it.
  2. You have to give to get.It’s a simple saying, but remains true across every medium in my life. Whether it’s interacting with my colleagues or spending quality time with family and friends, I feel that it is my obligation to give them my upmost attention and care in order to be able to anticipate the same kind of reverence in return.
  3. Live each day doing something that makes you happy.I know we hear this piece of advice often, but many of us don’t follow it and we’re only hurting ourselves in the long run. If we do what we love, it will show in our work and we will be happier and more thoughtful people because of it. Even if it forces you to leave your comfort zone, get out there and put your full heart into newfound hobbies, work projects and campaigns. I promise that you will be a happier individual and your good vibes will rub off on everyone you encounter.

So, the next time you gain some great words of wisdom, think about the ways it can help you in both your life and at the office. You’d be surprise how many things you learn that can guide you in every aspect of your life.  

Foothills of experience


Foothills of experience

by Javis “Jay” Brunson @JavisJay


Today you stand at the top of mountains of life experience.

Your journey throughout the years has carved its own rocky pathways. Everyday you’ve gained valuable experience and have climbed to an even higher perspective than the day before.

Along your pathway, you have discovered moments of peace and beauty in the green valleys and still forests.  At other times, you have been challenged by the fierce storms and rocky ground as you made your way forward through life.

Today is the moment that all the other moments have been leading up to. Now you stand at the summit on your mountain of experience, and the view is more expansive than it has ever been.

Never has your life’s experience been as extensive or as valuable as it is right now.  So what will you do with it today?

Now that you’ve climbed to the highest peak of life experience, choose to live a full and positive life, worthy of all you’ve already been through.

Now that you’ve climbed so high, this is your moment to go even higher.  What are you waiting for, keep climbing.

Have a GREAT day and continue doing what you LOVE to do!

How do you see yourself?

How do you see yourself?

By Javis Brunson @JavisJay

The more you identify yourself with the problems that you encounter, the harder it will be for you to get past them.  If your whole identity is wrapped up in your limitations, what you can’t do, or why me, then how can you ever be free of them?

Wake-up call, life happens, and you will experience problems!

It’s not if you will experience problems, but when and for how long will you be in the mist of the storm.  Don’t let your problems define you.  Operate from a level that is above all the problems, for it is from that perspective you’ll successfully rise above them.

How do you see yourself today?  If you see yourself as a loser, then guess what, that is what you’ll always be, a loser!

However, consider this as a new way of looking at life. Everyday you have the opportunity to take a good look at yourself to see who you are today.  The question is; do you want to continue to being that person?

Here’s a thought for you.  Starting today and continuing for the next 30 days, see you not as a person who has problems, but as a person who creates value out of difficult situations.  See the challenges and limitations not as permanent parts of you, but as stepping stones on the journey to becoming the person that God has truly designed you to be.

Now, how do you want to see yourself today?

Have a Great day and continue doing what you LOVE to do!