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Oh no you did’nt

 Oh no you did’nt!!
by Javis “Jay” Brunson @JavisJay
 Before you respond to life’s events and tell your vendor, business partner, boss, co-workers, buddy or spouse to go play in the middle of rush hour traffic or call them everything but a child of God, take time to think clearly and calmly about what you are doing.  Before you respond to the situations remember who you are and the direction you want to be moving.                                                   A frantic, emotional reaction made in haste can often push you back even more than the event to which you are reacting. Certainly, it is sensible to respond promptly to whatever life sends your way. Yet that does not mean that you must respond thoughtlessly and carelessly. Before you do something that might take years to overcome, take a moment to thoughtfully consider your response.  Remember, all experiences are an opportunity for growth. Have a GREAT day and continue doing what you LOVE to do!