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He was full of energy or piss off, he was influenced by power, money and title since he was in grammar school his teacher told him that he would never amount to anything. He needed it to prove them wrong same as when he bought a boat because his attorney told him that he was unable to get one unless he was an attorney.

Theresa was wrong for calling Lupe and told her a secret about Mat, she thought that would off stop Lupe from going after her husband. However, Lupe had a taste of Mat already she was too deep in love with him to stop and she wanted to experienced Theresa’s life.

Lupe’s husband was the one that told Theresa that his wife was spending a lot of late night with mat and he suspect that they were having an affair. Theresa knew how Mat was able to get so mad and difficult that she should have be wise and not call Lupe. Mat background was different that Theresa, he was involved in gang and so on. She did not know that because by the time he came to worked at the hospital, he had clean up his ways and his look. When you go to a court room and you see the way a person that was arrested for a crime dress, you would never think that person was capable of the crime because his attorney would advise him or her to dress professionally. Theresa light the flame that Mat would usually had under control.

The fact that she went to the karate school and told him how bad he was right in front of their younger son, she had pull the trigger of his grenade. He exploded and tried to destroy her without any thought about the children they shared together.
When he came to his senses, who knew what he will think but it did not matter because the harm was already done.
Theresa got influence by Lupe’s husband and she was wrong. She didn’t think or remembered that Mat was going to get very angry with her and he was going to hurt her. She knew that the best thing was to take times out and go away for a while. She would go for a long drive and her friend was in the Hampton, she would go there and spent times with her.
She did not act wise with this situation, she had a chance to divorced him after he admitted that he slept with Thalia without using a condom. Her friend thought that there was no way she was going to forgive him but she did again.
He told her that he did not sleep with the parent from the Karate school and she believed him for twelve years. When he told her the truth he said that the lied was eating him and he was happy to finally admitted the truth.
Theresa wondered how long it was going to take Mat to admitted the truth about the lied that he told, that Theresa had physically and emotionally abused him for twelve years and she treating to cut his balls off and killed him. She loved the man in the pink shirt.



There’s a saying do not wake Adam from his sleep, what it means is if a man is not making the right move in a direction of a relationship or commitment do not push him or help him make up his mind.

In Theresa’s case Mat wasn’t ready for a relationship or marriage especially since he couldn’t come up with all the money for a down payment for the house that he wanted to buy. However Theresa went and took all her saving and lend it to him then she realized that he wasn’t to pay her back. She was already in a relationship with him and he acted like a good man at that time. She saw the potential so she decided to go for him, she was thirty years old and in her culture that’s consider an old maid if you’re not married.

Theresa’s mom told her that she was the oldest of nine children and the baby after her died stillborn. The next children are twins and they are very close and they support each other. After the twins is Theresa’s brother whom is the spitting image and personalities of Theresa’s dad. The next baby after her brother died also but Theresa’s mom didn’t know that the baby next to her was dead until her sister came to visit her at the hospital noticed that the baby was dead. Theresa’s mom told her that the baby was so beautiful and had long legs and arms. Her mother left the hospital without paying a dime because the hospital staffs were negligent so a friend of Theresa’s mom told her to just leave the hospital without any discharge paper so she didn’t have to pay the hospital. Soon Theresa’s mom got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl by herself because in the last trimester Theresa’s dad died suddenly from pneumonia. Her other two brother’s are from a different father and we are brothers and sisters.